Voicemail settings can be altered via Account Manager; the 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop and Online applications; and either your mobile or desk phone. If you have forgotten your voicemail password, you can display your current voicemail password in Virtual Office Desktop. If you need additional assistance with your voicemail password, please contact your phone system administrator.

Note: For improved security, as of 2/7/17, new or updated voicemail passwords must contain a minimum of 6 digits.

Setting your voicemail password for the first time?

Typically, voicemail passwords are first set by the account administrator when editing extension details in the Account Manager. However, if you have the option to set your own voicemail password, from your own extension, dial 555, then press the # key. The system will first state, This is not a valid password. Stay on the line and listen to the brief voicemail tutorial. At the end, follow the instructions to set a voicemail password.

To display and change your current voicemail password in Virtual Office Desktop

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Desktop.
  2. In the application menu, click Virtual Office > Settings (or Preferences) > My Services > Voicemail Settings.
  3. Under Voicemail Settings, next to Password, click the box to Show Password.
  4. From here, you can change your voicemail password. (Note: If you change the current password, click Save when done.)

To change your voicemail password from your phone

  1. Access the voicemail system:
    • From your own extension
      Dial 555 and enter your current voicemail password.
    • From another extension in your system
      Dial 500, enter your extension number, then enter your current voicemail password.
    • From an outside line*
      Dial your 10-digit phone number. At your voicemail greeting, press the # key, then enter your current voicemail password.
      Note: In your call forwarding rules, make sure “no answer” calls are set to go to voicemail.
  2. Once connected, press the * key to enter the Main Menu.
  3. From the Main Menu:
    1. Press 3 to enter the User Preference Options sub-menu.
    2. Press 1 to change your voicemail password. Follow the audio prompts until complete.
    3. Press 9 to exit voicemail.

For a downloadable Quick Reference Guide to the voicemail phone menu, click here.