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Sameroom: Common Questions and Answers

How does Sameroom work?

Sameroom connects two or more chat rooms together, so that when you send a message in one chat room (which other users of that room would see), that same message is sent (relayed) to any chat room connected by Sameroom.

So if you have access to two different teams, each using different chat applications. You can connect a chatroom in each chat application with a Sameroom tube:


If you don’t have access to the both of your teams' rooms, or you want to create a network of many teams, you can do that by opening a Portal. Each Portal is created in and connected to a specific chat room and has a unique URL that you can share—others can create Tubes by navigating to your Portal URL:


What’s the difference between a Tube and a Portal?

A Tube is an authenticated connection maintained by the Sameroom servers between two “rooms” (channels, groups, flows).

A Portal is a URL, and serves as an invitation to connect that specific room to another chat room. So it's a key to creating tube connections between two or more rooms.

You create a Portal in one specific room, and then send that Portal URL to a customer or partner. When they use the "Connect" command from within their chat room using that Portal URL, a tube is created, connecting the rooms together.

What do all of the Sameroom terms mean?

We have a Glossary of Terms for Sameroom, located here:

Which chat applications are supported by Sameroom?

Our current list of supported chat applications is located here:

One of my chat rooms is relaying messages and I don’t know how to make it stop?

If you see a Tube connected to your chatroom on the Manage page, you can delete the Tube by clicking on the “X” or pausing it by selecting “Pause”.

If needed, you can issue the “‑sameroom disable” command in your chatroom to disconnect ALL tube connections to that specific chat room. For details, see the Disable Command section.

Sameroom commands

A list of available Sameroom commands and how to use them can be found in this article:

How many other rooms can be connected to mine with a Portal?

There is no pre-set limit to the number of rooms that can be connected. However, your Sameroom service plan does have a specific limit to the number of tubes that can be created.

Someone found my Portal and created a Tube to my room. How can I kick them out?

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Sameroom admin interface, delete your Portal. This will prevent anyone else from connecting tubes to your room with the old link. Deleting a Portal will not delete any of your tubes.
  2. Then delete the tube you don’t want connecting to your room.

I don’t see any unread messages or notifications

This problem exists with all platforms except Slack, Mattermost, Fleep, and Flowdock.

Since every message Sameroom sent to rooms you have connected comes from your account, this automatically marks the room as “read” for you. To overcome this, you can create a bot account, sign in to Sameroom with that account, and use the bot account to create tubes.

Once you do this, all new messages in your connected rooms will appear unread.

People on the other side of my Campfire Tube can’t see my messages

Campfire does not echo your own messages if you’re logged in from multiple clients. Since Sameroom acts as a Campfire client, it doesn’t see your messages.

To fix this, create a bot account in Campfire and connect your room from that account instead of your own.

For more information, see our Limitations section for Campfire.

Some of my Skype groups aren’t coming up in Sameroom search

If your Skype group was created a while ago, it may still be using the old Skype infrastructure, which Sameroom does not support. However, if all members of your group are in your contact list, you can copy the group to the new infrastructure by issuing the following command, in your Skype group:


This will create another Skype group with all the same people, but without the history. This group will appear in Sameroom search results (please wait 5 minutes).

For more information, see our Limitations section for Skype.

Does Sameroom work with Facebook Messenger?

Sameroom does not support Facebook Messenger, because Facebook Messenger doesn’t expose an API.

Our list of supported chat applications is located here: Sameroom: Supported and Unsupported Chat Services

Are you going to sell my chat history?

Sameroom does not store any of your chat data–it only relays messages between chat rooms.

To learn more, please consult our privacy policy and security overview.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited Tubes?

Limited Tubes created with Trial accounts can send up to 5 messages per day, collectively (all Tubes together), with the counter resetting 24 hours after the first over-the-limit message. Service messages from Sameroom do not count toward this limit.

Unlimited Tubes will relay any number of messages, up to the rate limit allowed by participating chat systems.

How do I sign up or sign in with my email address?

You cannot sign up for Sameroom with an email address—you must use a third-party chat service to create your Sameroom account.

However, you can sign in with your email address. To do so, specify your email address on the Settings Page after signing up with a third-party service.

What is roomcoin?

Roomcoin is a reserved administrative feature that allows additional tubes to be added to a Sameroom service without changing the service plan.

  • Each roomcoin is equal to one unlimited tube.
  • Roomcoin codes may have an expiration date applied to them.
  • If you have roomcoin to redeem, click here and insert your roomcoin code.

Note that roomcoin cannot be purchased, and is distributed at 8x8's discretion for demo and diagnostic purposes.

What happens if I remove a BridgeBot from my chat/group/room?

Removing a BridgeBot from a chat/group/room deletes all tubes connected to that chat/group/room via that BridgeBot.

How do I delete my account?

To permanently terminate your Sameroom account and terminate all future billing, simply delete all chat service accounts listed in your Sameroom Accounts page.

See this article for more details: Sameroom: How Do I Close My Sameroom Account?


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