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Sameroom: Configuring Posting Options


This article describes how to control the way inbound message author's names appear in rooms or channels that are connected using Sameroom.

Applies To

  • Sameroom Standalone accounts
  • Sameroom Enterprise


To access the Posting Options page:

  1. Log into the Sameroom admin interface.
  2. On the Manage page, click on the settings gear icon clipboard_ee7c25387b77c038f28f2438555abb2e4.png for the specific room you are managing posting options for.
    • A single room with multiple tube connections will appear in the admin interface as one side of each of those tubes. Changing the posting option settings clipboard_ee7c25387b77c038f28f2438555abb2e4.png for one instance of that room affects all messages inbound to that room, regardless of where the messages come from.


  • You will only see a settings gear for rooms that you own.
  • Each Portal has a settings gear as well. Your settings configured for a Portal URL will be applied as defaults for all new tubes created using that specific Portal URL.


  1. Select the posting options you wish to configure for the specific room you are changing. Changes are applied immediately.
  2. Click Close X to close the settings window.

See below for more detailed info of each option.


Posting Option Detailed Information

Some posting options are configurable through the Sameroom admin interface only, and others are also accessible via Sameroom commands:

Sameroom admin interface and Sameroom commands:

Sameroom admin interface, only:

Will you be the only one posting messages to this room?

If you're using Sameroom as an individual, to minimize the number of communication apps you have to deal with, you don't have to worry about retaining the attribution of your messages when they appear on the other side: they all come from you.

Options for this setting are:

  • Yes: Post all messages as me
  • No: Add prefix to show the author

Equivalent Sameroom Commands:

(Yes) Post all messages as me: -sameroom format off
(No) Add prefix to show the author: -sameroom format

Show author username, display name, or both?

Usernames are typically login IDs for a service, while display names give you the option to let others see your activity without seeing your associated login ID, or username.

Some services (Slack, for example) let you specify both your display name and a username.

This posting option lets you specify which is shown when messages are posted.

Options for this setting are:

  • Display name
  • Username
  • Display name (Username)

Equivalent Sameroom Commands:

Show the current format: -sameroom format
Display Name: -sameroom format dispname
Username: -sameroom format username
Display Name and Username: -sameroom format dispname username

Hide team name?

For services that support teams, you can let the other side see your team name with your messages. Choose Yes if you prefer to hide your team name.

Options for this setting are:

  • Yes
  • No

Equivalent Sameroom Commands:

(Yes) Show the current format: -sameroom format
(No) Use display name with team: -sameroom dispname team
(No) Use username with team: -sameroom username team
(No) Use username and display name with team: -sameroom username dispname team

Post system messages to this room?

If you don't want your client or partner to know that you're using Sameroom to talk to them, you can prevent Sameroom from posting any system messages to their room.

Options for this setting are:

  • Yes
  • No

This feature is not available through Sameroom Commands.

Relay Options

These options help you configure one-directional Tubes. This is a good solution for archiving.

For example, if you want to back up all messages from a Skype group to a channel in Slack, but don't want the risk of any messages going in the other direction—use "Do not relay messages from this room" on the Slack side.

Options for this setting are:

  • Relay Messages to and from this room?
  • Do not relay messages from this room. (Similar to the Hush command, but permanent.)
  • Do not relay messages to this room.

This feature is not available through Sameroom Commands.

Sameroom Commands

A detailed listing and explanation of all Sameroom commands is located in the following article:

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