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Sameroom: How to add the Telegram Bridgebot to Groups


This article will show you how to add the Telegram Bridgebot to a Telegram group.

Important-Icon.png This process is required due to incompatibilities with Telegram login into Sameroom.
Telegram will not appear as an installed app on your Sameroom Accounts page.

Applies To

  • Sameroom Standalone accounts
  • 8x8 Team Messaging
  • Telegram chat client

Add the Sameroom Bot to Chat Groups 

This operation must be performed for each group you wish to use Sameroom in:

  1. In the Telegram chat application, click on the group you wish to add Sameroom to.
  2. Click on the sidebar icon clipboard_ef273b3a1fa181b80a9055c87cb880345.png at the top-right to see the list of current group members.
  3. Click on the Add Members icon clipboard_efedb9523ac8c38926580a9bb6f169fcb.png.


  1. Search for and click on the sameroom_bot.
    • Important: You may find other bots which were not created by 8x8 / Sameroom. Add only the smiling Sameroom bot clipboard_e38a770f169675757af8f0576802b0588.png as shown below.


Once you click on the Sameroom bot, it will appear in the list of members to add to your group.

  1. Click Add.


The smiling Sameroom bot clipboard_e38a770f169675757af8f0576802b0588.png should now appear in the group member list.

  1. Finally, test your connection to Sameroom by submitting the message -sameroom help to the group. After a brief pause, you should see a list of commands that you can now send to Sameroom.
    • You can now create tubes from your Telegram group chat to other chat rooms. See Sameroom commands for more info on using the PortalOpen, and Connect commands.