Managing Cases on the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base

Once you have created a case, you might want to go back and review the case status, add notes, or see case details. You can do all of this through the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base. From the Knowledge Base, you can:

  • See a list of recent cases
  • See individual case details
  • Post a comment to Support on open cases
  • Chat with a Support agent about open cases
  • Create new cases
  • Add attachments to a case
  • Resolve cases

Note: System administrators have the ability to view all cases created by themselves and all end users on the account. End users are only able to view their own cases.

Viewing Cases

To view your cases, after logging in, click Get Support in the sidebar. On your Support home page, click Cases and select View Cases to see your cases. This view defaults to All Open Cases. (Note: Users with Primary or Secondary Administrator privileges set in Account Manager will see all cases for all users across your company.)

To see resolved cases, click the arrow in the header above the list choose another view, as shown below. Cases marked as Closed cannot be reopened or edited.

Need to submit a new issue? Click New CaseFor more information, see How do I create a case through the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base?

Viewing Case Details and Adding Comments for Support

To see the details of an individual case, click the Case Number in the list of open cases. Here you will see the details for an individual case. You can read comments that you have added, as well as comments from 8x8 Support. To post a new comment to Support, click Share an update, enter your comment, and click Share. You can add an attachment to your comment by clicking the paper clip icon. The file size limit is 10MB.

Chatting About Existing Cases

If you have an open Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center case, you can chat about your case with an 8x8 Support agent during chat hours. To chat about open VO or VCC cases, click the Case Number in the list of open cases. To the right of the case details, click Chat About This Case during open chat hours to chat with an 8x8 Support agent about your case. Chat is available Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time.