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Partner Design Review Job Aid


The purpose of the Design Review (DR) is to review a Partner’s shadow project before the customer signs off on design and the solution is built to answer questions and provide best practices. The review includes deep dives of SOW’s, design documents, risks, and project plan. This applies to Partners enrolled in the Global Channel Partner Accreditation Program.

Applies To

  • Deployment
  • Partner
  • Design Review


These meetings are facilitated by 8x8 Professional Services Leadership. They will guide the meeting by asking the questions below.

What is Required?

The partner project manager is required to submit a request form via this link 72 hours prior to the date they wish to have the Design Review.  Design documents need to be a part of this submission and the 8x8 format must be used.  Templates can be found here.

We recommend that the following responsible parties from the partner attend the Design Review (DR):

  • Project Manager
  • Engineer that designed the system

Project Summary

  • Overall Scope
  • Number of Sites
  • Level of Effort (Assessment in hours)
  • Success Criteria provided by customer
  • Key Business Requirements or use cases
  • International
    • Procuring numbers timeline, on time?
    • National and/or Geographic numbers
  •  Porting Readiness
    • Was a portability check run?
    • Any DIDs identified as not portable
  • Network Readiness
    • Are there risks based on your analysis of NetUtil and NetTopology?

Contact Center

  • Voice Port Review complete? Link to Article

8x8 Work

  • Do we have enough licenses to complete to build?
  • Cost Centers deployment required?
  • What is the UAT strategy?
    • Are you using 8x8's test plan?
    • How many users is the  customer including in UAT
  • Was this article helpful?