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What is my passphrase?


To maintain the highest security standards, 8x8 Support will ask you to confirm your identity and ownership of your account when you contact 8x8 intending to make changes and requests involving proprietary information. This is done by verifying your passphrase and your account privileges or account admin status.

The passphrase is separate from your 8x8 application password. The passphrase is a private identifier first created during your initial 8x8 setup. 

The following requires a passphrase and account privileges or admin status.

  • Account-specific information
  • Phone system changes
  • Billing inquiries
  • Billing changes
  • Updates to billing information

If you cannot recall your passphrase, you can retrieve it by logging in to Account Manager (Classic customers) or your 8x8 Support Portal (My 8x8) ( X Series & Editions customers).

X Series and Editions Customers

Administrators of 8x8 X Series and Editions services (those with 8x8 Admin Console) can view their passphrase by logging in to the 8x8 Support Portal (My 8x8).

  1. Log in to your 8x8 Application panel or click on Get Support on
    Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 10.21.35 AM.png
  2. Click My 8x8
  3. In the upper right corner, click the drop-down arrow next to your username. Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 1.39.39 PM.png
  4. Click My Profile. Your passphrase is viewable in the Passphrase field.

    Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 1.39.55 PM.png

Classic Customers

Primary and Secondary Admins

Passphrases are set up through Account Manager for Primary and Secondary Admins. The Primary Admin passphrase is set during your initial 8x8 setup phone call. The Primary Admin can then assign admin privileges in Account Manager to other users. These other users become Secondary Admins and are able to contact Support on behalf of the account owner for the areas of the account for which they have been assigned privileges.

Please note that Secondary Admins need to set up their own passphrase in Account Manager before contacting Support. The process to set up or change a passphrase for both Primary and Secondary Admins is described below.

Viewing and Editing your Passphrase in Account Manager

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. At the top of the screen, under the Account Manager welcome message, click Edit My Profile.
  3. On the Edit Profile Information page, you can see your current passphrase displayed in the Pass Phrase box.
  4. To change your passphrase, enter a new passphrase in the box and click Save at the bottom of the screen.


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