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June 2018 Duplicate Credit Correction
8x8 Support

June 2018 Duplicate Credit Correction


Due to a system error, your June 2018 billing statement reflects a duplicate credit. This duplicate credit was processed as a credit, which is why it appears on your June 2018 billing statement. We have since resolved the system error and the correction has been applied to your July 2018 billing statement.

Additional Information

To verify the duplicate refund on your June 2018 billing statement, follow these steps.

8x8 Account Manager Users

  1. Click the Billing tab.
  2. Click on View Activity since your June 2018 payment.

The credit will appear as an adjustment under the Statement Summary section of your bill.

8x8 Configuration Manager Users

Log into the 8x8 Configuration Manager, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Support.
  3. On your Support portal page, go to Billing Statements > June 2018 statement.

If you need additional information, create a case with 8x8 Technical Support.

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