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What are the per minute charges for Contact Center minute usage?
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What are the per minute charges for Contact Center minute usage?

Applies To

X Series Contact Center bundles (X6 - X8)


X Series Contact Center bundles (X6 - X8) include 4,000 inbound and outbound (local and international within 47 countries as designated by 8x8, not including toll free or special) minutes for each concurrent Contact Center seat. Monthly minute usage will be calculated based on the total number of minutes used (inbound and outbound) across all concurrent Contact Center seats on the customer's account. The actual monthly minute usage will be compared to the total allotment of included minutes (e.g., total number of concurrent Contact Center seats x 4,000). Each overage minute in excess of the total allotment of included minutes will be billed at standard rates.*

For example, a customer uses 5,500 inbound minutes and 3,500 outbound minutes in a month and has two X6 concurrent seats. The total usage for the month is 9,000 minutes. The included minutes for this account are 8,000 (2 x 4,000). With a standard rate of $0.01 per minute, the customer will be charged for 1,000 (9,000 - 8,000) overage minutes at $0.01 per minute, or $10 overage for the month.

Toll Free (Editions, X Series)

Pricing for toll free minutes in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are as follows (all in USD, subject to applicable taxes and regulatory fees):

  • US: $0.020/min
  • CAN: $0.040/min 
  • UK: $0.029/min
  • AUS: $0.06/min
  • NZ: $0.07/min (Mobile inbound calls for toll free inbound will be blocked.)

Discounts are available with monthly pre-paid minutes bundles per table below.

Monthly Pre-Paid Minutes Bundles

Customers may purchase monthly pre-paid minutes bundles and be eligible for discounts per the table below. This table applies to pre-paid minutes bundles for both toll free minutes and overage contact center minutes (i.e., usage in excess of the 4,000 included minutes discussed above).

For example, in the US, if you pre-pay for $1000 worth of toll free minutes per month (i.e., $1000 / $0.02 = 50,000 minutes) then you will receive 20% off your $1000 monthly charge for the pre-paid bundle. You would pay $800/mo. If your toll free minutes usage exceeds the 50,000 pre-paid minutes, the overage rate would be $0.02/min.

Prepaid Usage Bucket Discount and Cost.jpg

*Standard rates at this time are $0.01 per minute.

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