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Choosing Consolidated or Unconsolidated Billing in Account Manager
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Choosing Consolidated or Unconsolidated Billing in Account Manager


What is the difference between consolidated and unconsolidated billing?

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Account Manager, billing options


As an 8x8 customer, you can chose between two methods of billing to accommodate your preferences and needs.

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Consolidated Billing

  • Our most common billing type.
  • ​Allows you to pay for all of your 8x8 services on one bill using any one payment type: credit card, ACH, or Invoice.

Unconsolidated Billing

  • Allows you to pay for each line of service with a separate credit card. A common use case is by companies with multiple locations that would like to use separate cards for each.
  • Will generate a separate bill for each service, and will draw multiple payments if more than one service is billed to that card. For example, if you have four extensions, a separate bill will be generated for each extension.
  • Requires you to assign a credit card to each service individually.
  • Only available to credit card customers. (Unconsolidated Billing cannot be selected for ACH or Invoice Billing.)

For a step-by-step guide to setting up your billing options, see the Account Manager User Guide.

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