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How to Cancel an 8x8 Account
8x8 Support

How to Cancel an 8x8 Account


Most 8x8 customers have a standard agreement with an initial term of service commitment (for example, 12 months). This agreement automatically renews at the end of the term if you do not request to go to a month-to-month plan within 30 days of service agreement renewal.

You can cancel your 8x8 services at any time by calling 8x8 Support. Cancellation requests are handled only by phone, Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time. If you need to cancel, please call (888) 898-8733.

Thirty days advance notice is required for cancellation of services. When cancelling, you will be subject to disconnection fees and early termination fees where applicable.

Additional Information

Refer to 8x8's current Terms and Conditions and your existing service agreement for further cancellation details.

Porting out of 8x8? Please note that porting your phone numbers from 8x8 to a different carrier does not constitute or trigger 8x8 services cancellation. Service cancellation must be requested separately and explicitly. Port-out is managed via the new carrier.

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