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How to Cancel an 8x8 Account or Extension
8x8 Support

How to Cancel an 8x8 Account or Extension


Porting out of 8x8? Please note that porting your phone numbers away from 8x8 to a different carrier does not constitute or trigger 8x8 service cancellations. Service cancellations must be requested separately and explicitly. Port-out is managed via the new carrier.

Applies To

  • Account Management
  • 8x8 X Series
  • 8x8 Virtual Office (Legacy)
  • 8x8 Virtual Contact Center (Legacy)
  • ContactNow
  • 8x8/Packet8 Residential Services

Note: This does not apply to 8x8 Express or 8x8 Meet Standalone. (click either product for instructions)


Generally speaking, you can request to cancel your 8x8 services at any time by contacting 8x8 Support. Your request will be managed by our cancellation processing teams, who will be in touch as the status of your request progresses.

Most 8x8 customers have a standard agreement with an initial term of service commitment (for example, 12 months). This agreement automatically renews at the end of the initial term if you do not request to go to a month-to-month plan 30 days before your service agreement auto-renews for additional 12-month term. You will keep auto-renewing every 12 months unless you request to cancel or to change to a month-to-month plan (for eligible services).

Once your request is submitted, please be on the lookout for an email from the Cancellation team to confirm your Security Passphrase in-order to move forward with the cancellation.  If your security passphrase was verified over (on a recorded line) the phone with an agent at the time you placed your cancellation request, you will not be asked to verify the passphrase again. 

You should then be on the lookout for an email from the Cancellation team regarding associated fees and a scheduled cancellation date. This is sent out once processing has occurred and we have set a date for your services to be cancelled.  If you need to coordinate an alternative date (more time is needed), please reply back and we are happy to coordinate that with you. 

Important Service Cancellation Stipulations

  • At least thirty (30) days advance notice is required for cancellation of services.
  • When cancelling, you will be subject to disconnection fees and Contract Buy Out fees where applicable.
  • With rare exceptions, service stoppage will accompany cancellation completion on your requested account or line(s) 30 days after your request. If you were to have a case created for cancellation today, your services would not cancel until the same day next month.
  • Month-to-Month customer's services cancel at the end of the next calendar month.
  • We do not prorate your services after cancellation 

Additional Information

  1. For our X-Series product. - To make sure your cancellation request is handled in a timely manner, please make sure that for partial cancellations your licenses have been unassigned. Please review this article.
  2. Customers can absolutely request in advance of their renewal period (30 days before renewal) for cancellation to take place at their contract end date.

Example: Customer's renewal date is June 1st.

Customer requests in January to fully or partial cancel at the end of their contract on May 31st without incurring Early Termination Fees. Yes, A case can be opened for the request advising a future cancellation date within Renewal Period.

3. Refer to 8x8's current Terms and Conditions and sections 2.1, 2.3.1, 11& 12 of your existing service agreement for further cancelation details.

4. We do not prorate services after cancellation - If you have services for anytime within a month you will be billed for the entire month of services. This is per the agreement term or by the required 30 day notification for cancellation.