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Does Your Billing Statement Look Different? (Fall/Winter Update 2022)

Does your billing statement look different?


Starting September 2022, you may notice that your billing statements have a fresh new look!  On your new billing statement, we give you everything that you need to understand your bill all in one place.

What’s changed?

  • Going forward, your billing date will be at the beginning of the month.  You will receive a statement by the third of each month, instead of on the day that you ordered.  If you’re using a credit card, that’s also the day that your card will be charged.
  • You will only be charged for one billing statement per month.  No more multiple monthly bills or charges depending on when you made multiple orders.
  • Depending on the date you ordered service(s), you may receive a prorated bill to catch you up to your new beginning of the month billing cycle. Don't worry, the amount that you're paying will remain the same! If you're paying a bit more in November, we will credit the difference in December!
  • Your statement will only be available in your My8x8 portal. There will no longer be any emailed statements clogging up in your inbox!
  • Your billing statement no longer contains just a summary.  That summary is still there, but now your statement contains billing information by license where you can drill down to see which license got charged for what usage, taxes or fees.
  • Your customer billing ID will be prominently displayed at the top of the new billing statement.   


  • You now have easy access to download your billing usage by clicking on the button at the top of the bill (or selecting it on the billing statement page dropdown).


  • You can create a spreadsheet of all of your services by selecting “Download Service Summary”.  Do you need to see which license is using the most minutes?   This can help!



Do you need help reading or understanding your new billing statement?  Please go here for more information, including an interactive pdf that you can download and a short video explaining your statement!

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