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E911 Update Notifications


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Work in Progress

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As part of a periodic account information review, we have updated the billing address for some phone numbers to match the corresponding emergency location address on file. As a result of this update, some customers may notice changes in their taxes due for the phone numbers for which addresses were updated.


You may notice a change in e911 local tax rates due to a recent initiative to ensure user emergency locations reflect their current physical address.

Applies To

  • E911 Billing Addresses
  • E911 Tax Changes

Questions & Answers

What address is being used for the new calculation? What was being used before?

Phone number tax calculation will now match the Service address you select in your E911 emergency setup screen.

Previously, as 911 service addresses changed over time, taxes were not being updated to the new address.


The address is not correct for tax calculation. How can I change it?

Your taxes are based on your selected address in your E911 emergency setup screen.


What is the tax amount for my address?

Your billing statement will show the tax amounts for each service.


I'm traveling temporarily. Will taxes change each time I change the E911 address?

Your taxes are based on your selected address in your E911 emergency setup screen on the date of your invoice.

So if you travel and update your E911 address to match your travel location, then taxes may change with each invoice.

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