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Partner NFR (Not For Resale) Offer - Introduction


Describes benefits of being an 8x8 Partner.

Applies To

  • X-Series


One the business benefits of being an 8x8 channel partner is the option to purchase 8x8 services for
in-house production use at a significant discount.

Following are the conditions related to the offer:

  • Discount applies to X Series only
  • Equipment and one-time charges (including deployment) at regular price
  • Partner encouraged to include Implementation Plus or Managed based on their need for assistance
  • Training not required, but sold at regular price when requested
  • Not subject to master/sub commission or standard wholesale discount
  • Countries included: US, Canada, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand
  • Discount level is based on partner type

Partner NFR - Discount Levels


Partner Type Discount level Conditions

Master Agent Direct Affiliate

100% off MRR

Minimum $100K MRR required (prior or current year)*

Not subject to master/sub commission

Sub-Agent 50% off MRR Not subject to master/sub commission



Direct VAR

70% off MRR items
Discount is off of List price, Not subject to commission

* Exception request requires approval from country VP of channel based on master business plan. Master agents
not eligible for this offer may receive 70% off MRR



Following are the discount levels based on the type of partner:

  1. How to Request NFR Pricing - US   (Please check " Send me a copy of my responses" and add Jeb Simkins so that he knows
    you submitted the request)
  2. Fill out the NFR Account Request Form
  3. Once Submitted Jeb will create a Deal Reg for the NFR (This helps us for naming and tracking purposes)
  4. Jeb will work with the partner to set-up & scope the request
  5. Jeb will provide updates by request from the NFR Tracking Log
  6. Jeb will then send the quote/Order to the customer (partner) and any questions can be addressed with Jeb.
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