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Supplier Form Details for USD CAD AUD NZD


This article gives the most common details requested on the Supplier Forms asked by new customers in order to set up 8x8 in their accounting systems. 

Applies To

  • All 8x8 customers approved to pay via wire or check

Frequently Used Forms:

EMEA banking information can be found here.

You must be approved for invoice billing to pay by check or wire.


Company details
Legal Name 8x8 INC
Address 675 Creekside Way Campbell CA 95008
  Please note:   Do not send any checks to the Campbell address.
DUNS Number 17-774-2863
Legal Entity Corporation
Nature of services Telecommunications
Number of years trading 1987


Primary contact
Name Accounts Receivable
Phone Number 1-888-898-8733
Invoice queries Open Billing case in 8x8 portal


Bank Details
USD Bank Account and Wire Information
Name Wells Fargo
Branch Address 121 Park Center Plaza 3rd Floor
  San Jose CA 95113 United States
Payee Name 8x8 INC
Routing Number 121000248
Account Number 4121624514
USD Check Payments
Name 8x8, Inc.
Address PO Box 848080
  Los Angeles, CA 90084-8080
CAD Bank account
Name Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Canadian Branch
Address 22 Adelaide Street West, Suite 2200
  Toronto ON Canada MSC 1X3
Payee Name 8x8 INC
Routing Number Branch Transit: 00012
  Institute ID: 036200012
Account Number 3330002553
Canada BN GST 874256746
Quebec QST 1220633001
AUD Bank account
Name Bank of America NA, Australian Branch
Address L34, Governor Phillip Tower 1 Farrer Place
  Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Payee Name 8x8 INC
Routing Number BSB Number: 232-001
  Branch Identifier: 5201
Account Number 18629013
NZD Bank account
Name ASB Bank Limited
Address Level 6, 12 Jellicoe Street
  Auckland 1010 New Zealand
Payee Name 8x8 INC
Routing Number BSB Number: 12-3244
Account Number 12-3244-0019617-00
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