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View Billing Statement Access Denied


  1. In the 8x8 Application Panel, select My8x8
  2. Select Billing then Billing Statements
  3. Billing Statements list opens
  4. For any of the statements, click View

New browse tab opens with "Access Denied. Possible reason could be (a) Invalid Request., try re-login (b) You are not authorized to view this page!"


Applies To

  • My8x8
  • Billing Statements


There is a limitation on the My8x8 page that it does not give an error when the passwords expire.

Possible Workarounds:  

  • Have the user reset their password.
  • Set longer password expire days.
  • Turn off password expire.



The user's password is expired.

Additional Information

To edit the password expire settings, see the documenation Set up 8x8 Password Policy

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