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What is the difference between a refund, credit and credit memo?

Applies To

  • All 8x8 Users


If a customer should warrant some form of compensation for an issue, there are three ways that this can be applied to their account.

  • The Refund - This only applies to credit card and ACH customers.  8x8 can return money back to the payment type on file.  However, there are limitations that we can only refund the amount that has been charged.  Our system also only allows for refunds up to 6 months old and back to a valid payment type.  If a credit card/bank account is expired or closed, we cannot refund back to that card.  If a refund is still required, then the Collections team will need to process a Check refund. It can take 4-6 weeks for 8x8 to remit the Check refund
  • The Credit - This only applies to credit card and ACH customers.  We can add a credit to an account, affecting the next month's service charges.  This credit will not go against any taxes or fees, and any unused credit will roll over to the next month's service.
  • The Credit Memo - This only applies to invoice customers.  If you receive a credit memo, the credit will be a separate transaction which should be applied to open invoices and payment remitted for the net due. Please send the payment remittance details to for US accounts or for European accounts to ensure accurate application. Otherwise, it will remain as a negative open balance on a customer's aging and will not be applied. If you receive a credit memo, we recommend that it is used as soon as possible to keep your account current.
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