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How is Contact Center per-minute usage charged?


How is per-minute usage billed for bundled minutes in 8x8 Contact Center?

Applies To

  • X6 Bundled License
  • X7 Bundled License
  • X8 Bundled License


X Series Contact Center bundled licenses (X6 - X8) include 4,000 inbound and outbound (local and international within countries designated by 8x8, not including toll-free or special) minutes for each concurrent Contact Center seat. Monthly minute usage will be calculated based on the total number of minutes used (inbound and outbound) across all concurrent Contact Center seats on the customer's account. The actual monthly minute usage will be compared to the total allotment of included minutes (e.g., total number of concurrent Contact Center seats x 4,000).

Call durations are calculated based on data recorded or logged by 8x8 or its Affiliate, in one-minute increments rounded up for partial minutes. If the computed charge for such a call includes a fraction of a single unit of the smallest denomination of currency it will be rounded up to the nearest unit of the smallest denomination of the applicable currency. Charges may be incurred for outbound calls regardless of whether the call is answered.

Overage Charge

Each overage minute in excess of the total allotment of included minutes will be billed at 0.01 per minute in your local currency i.e. cent/penny/pence in GBP£, Euro, US$, CA$, AU$, NZ$.

If you are finding that you're exceeding your usage limit regularly, reach out to your sales agent to purchase a Prepaid Usage Bundle to receive a reduced rate.

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