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How to Cancel an 8x8 Account or Extension


Learn how to cancel an 8x8 account or extension

Applies To

  • 8x8 X Series
  • Legacy 8x8 services (account manager)
  • 8x8 Virtual Contact Center (Legacy)
  • Contact Now

Note: This does not apply to 8x8 Express or 8x8 Meet Standalone. (click either product for instructions)





  • Porting out? porting your phone numbers away from 8x8 to a different carrier does not constitute or trigger 8x8 service cancellations.
  • Advanced notice required At least thirty (30) days advance notice is required for cancellation of services.
  • Contract Buy Out fees may apply for customers cancelling during their contract term. Canceling at the end of your term is recommended to prevent buyout fees
  1. Identify what services you would like to cancel and when you would like the cancellation to take effect. 
  2. Please call us at: 1-408-956-6036 an agent will collect the necessary information to cancel your account and provide you with a case number for your records.
  3. Once your request is submitted, we may reach out for additional information via email please be on the lookout for an email from the Cancellation team to confirm any cancellation details. 
    • If we do not hear from you about the required information, your cancellation will not be processed
  4. After details are confirmed you will receive an email from the Cancellation team including:
    • The Date your services are set for cancellation
    • Information regarding contract buyout fees (if applicable) 
    • Any additional steps must be taken prior to cancellation specific to your account.
  5. On your cancellation date, you will receive an email letting you know that your services have canceled services will no longer be available, any assigned phone numbers will ring busy. 
    • After your cancellation, we give a 30 day Grace period where you can restore your service. To restore your service, respond to the cancellation email from the cancellation specialist. 
  6. You will receive an email at the end of your grace period letting you know that your services/account will not be accessible after a certain date.

Additional Information

  • For partial Cancellations. - To make sure your request is handled in a timely manner, please make sure any canceling licenses have been unassigned
  • We do not prorate services after cancellation - If your services are active during the month that you are canceling, you will be billed for the entire month of services. 
  • Refer to 8x8's current Terms and Conditions (sections 2.1, 2.3.1, 11, & 12) for more information 
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