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8x8 Product End-of-Life Tracker


At 8x8, we move at the speed of business, and are constantly innovating our platform to make sure it meets rigorous standards for performance, relevance, and security. As we introduce new products, services, and features for our customers, we will regularly sunset legacy offerings in order to dedicate development and support resources to providing you the best of what we have.

Below you will find all 8x8 products or features that currently have an End of Life (EOL) target. On the indicated dates, these items will cease to function or may be upgraded to newer versions or solutions. While a supplementary note may accompany a given entry, more detailed info about each product or EOL action (including any applicable workarounds or alternatives) is available at the provided links.


Dates and information below are subject to change without announcement. Admins and/or end users may or may not receive additional direct communication via email or in-app regarding the EOL actions below.

Business Phone


Note: Older versions of the 8x8 Work (formerly Virtual Office) Desktop and Mobile apps are regularly retired and restricted from use as we continue to drive improvements in performance, functionality, and security.

Product (Version) Specific Feature(s) EOL Date More Info
Switchboard Pro   10/31/22 Switchboard Pro End Of Sale Details
8x8 Work For Desktop (ongoing) (Ongoing retirement of older versions) About 6-7 months following GA date. 8x8 Work Version EOL Policy & Calendar
Residential Services   9/15/21  
Analytics for 8x8 Work Legacy Company and Extension Summary Reports 5/31/21 Legacy Company and Extension Summary Reports End-of-Life FAQ
Click2Pop - 9/10/2020

How to Use Virtual Office Desktop Caller Info Pop-Up

8x8 Click2Pop End of Life FAQ

Virtual Office Mobile (7.2) - 5/22/2020 VOM Version EOL Schedule
Virtual Office Analytics Scheduled Reports (Legacy) 5/2/2020 How to Schedule an Email Report in Virtual Office Analytics

Video Conferencing

Product (Version) Specific Feature(s) EOL Date More Info
Virtual Meeting Standalone (Legacy)
  • Virtual Meeting
  • Virtual Meeting Unlimited
  • Virtual Meeting 50 Participant
  • Virtual Meeting Annual Plan
  • Virtual Meeting Annual 50
9/10/2020 (Impacted customers have been contacted.)
Video Meetings Standalone (FREE)
  • Conference Call-Out
  • Real-Time Audio Subtitles
  • Meeting Analytics
  • Extended Video Cloud Storage
  • Meeting Transcripts
Summer 2020 Following free beta preview period, these features will be exclusive to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro.
Classic Meetings (v 2.0) - 4/7/2020 All customers have been upgraded to 8x8 Video Meetings.

Team Chat

Product (Version) Specific Feature(s) EOL Date More Info

Contact Center

Product (Version) Specific Feature(s) EOL Date More Info
8x8 Contact Center Historical Reports   3/31/2023 Contact Center Historical Reports End of Life FAQ
ContactNow US (US contact centers only) 6/29/2021 US ContactNow EOL FAQ
Contact Center Business Intelligence - 8/31/2020 Business Intelligence EOL Details
ContactNow Standalone (Silo 201) - 2/1/2020 (Top-ups no longer available.)
Quality Rocket - 7/1/2020 (Impacted customers have been contacted.)
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