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CNAM and Toll Free Numbers
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CNAM and Toll Free Numbers


Why doesn't my Toll Free number display the caller ID name I have requested and set up?

Applies To

  • Toll Free numbers
  • Account Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Virtual Contact Center
  • Virtual Office


Toll Free numbers caller ID name is not handled the same way, industry-wide, as a non Toll Free number.

With a non-toll free number there is a tag(Destination Point Code) on the number so the receiving phone carrier knows which National CNAM database to pull the CNAM from.

Toll Free numbers do not have a tag (DPC), so the receiving phone carrier can only pull from their own internal database. Their own database may not have an entry for the number so all they can display is the number and words like "Toll Free Caller", or similar.

There is not a Single Central Repository for CNAM.

Additional Information

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