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Porting Away: How to port numbers away from 8x8


Port numbers out of 8x8 service.

Applies To

  • Number Porting



Porting numbers out of 8x8 does not result in account cancelation. If you are considering cancelling services you must separately submit a request to cancel your 8x8 account or extension

8x8 cannot initiate a port out request. In order to begin the port out process please submit a port request with your new service provider.

After receiving confirmation that the port out was successful you will need to unassign the numbers and use the 'Return Numbers' option in Admin Console to release them from your 8x8 account (How do I remove/return a number I've claimed in 8x8 Admin Console?). If you wish to also cancel the license associated with the number that was ported out, please submit a cancellation request via 8x8 support.

Note: If you are porting out Toll Free numbers, please provide a copy of your most recent phone bill to your new provider. A Customer Service Record (CSR) is not needed for porting out your 8x8 Toll Free numbers.

To find your phone bill

This process is for 8x8 Business users. If you are an 8x8 Express user, click here to learn how to access your bill.

  1. Log into
  2. Select My 8x8 application (User must have My 8x8 and Billing access)
  3. Select the Billing drop down menu and select Billing Statements
  4. Select View for the most recent bill
  5. The highlighted sections in the below image should be sufficient enough to fill out the porting request with your new provider. You also have the option to download the bill if your new provider requests a copy.


Additional Information

Certain situations may arise where the new carrier will request a CSR (Customer Service Record) which has all the information required to port the number out such as the service addressauthorized name, billing telephone number, or PIN, if applicable, in order to complete the porting process. In such instances, you can request a porting pin from the chatbot and automatically be provided with one.

Once a request is submitted, the process to collect and verify all the information that is needed for a CSR can take up to seven (7) business days, or longer with large volumes of phone numbers. CSR will be emailed to the authorized person making the request.

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