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How do I use the DID ID tool in OPS Tools


How to use the DID ID tool in OPS Tools for number port verification.

Applies To

  • Support Teams
  • LNP
  • DID ID


Use this tool for verification of ported in numbers on the Day of the Port

1) Go to DID ID (
2) Enter your Peoplesoft CRM (Legacy CRM) Username and Password
3) You must include the country code for all numbers submitted, including US domestic (NANP, country code. Numbers should not begin with an area code.

You can enter ranges like <beginning DID>-<ending DID>, e.g.: 16697219274-16697219276. All DID's in the range, including the beginning and ending number, will be tested.


Checking the "Test PSTN Ingress" checkbox at the bottom of the form will have DID ID do the following:

  • Call the number, forcing it out of the 8x8 platform and into the PSTN network.
  • Automatically check (using the trace tool) if the number came back in from PSTN.
  • Report whether the number successfully ingressed (Pass) or if it didn't (Fail).


4) Select the Submit button


The results will look like the image below.


If you see a green and Pass indication, then the number is with 8x8.

Fail / Check - If you see a red indication, then it's one of the 3 situations:


a. the number is not with 8x8 

b. the number is with 8x8 but is not assigned to a User - check Admin Console

c. the number is with 8x8, but there are networking issue preventing the call from routing accordingly


If the client reports that their number is with 8x8 (the number was ported in or provisioned), but it's not functional, then follow these steps if you get the Fail/Check result in DID ID:

1. Go to the customer's admin portal (Admin Console) and check to see if the number is assigned to a destination. If not assigned, the customer will need to assign the number to a destination.

2. If the number is assigned in Admin Console and Failed, and it was ported into 8x8 within the last 30 days, then you will need to redirect the situation to LNP to have them check with the carrier whether the port completed properly.

3. Additional technical troubleshooting might be needed - if the case, refer the case to a higher Support Tier

4. If there's any suspicion that the client's number has ported out without authorization please see this KB


You can view the call trace by clicking the test result (Pass/Fail/Check).

Additional Information

For information on troubleshooting using call traces, check  How to interpret a drop call scenario using OPS tools for inbound calls

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