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How to confirm a number has ported out of 8x8 without authorization (SLAM)


This article details the troubleshooting steps required to determine if a number has been ported out of a customer account without proper authorization -- sometimes called a Slam. This process is unrelated to the porting process. If a number is confirmed to be ported out of 8x8 without authorization of the customer, we can submit a request to our carrier to bring the number back to 8x8 (snapback) within 30 days.

Applies To

  • Support teams
  • Phone numbers


The first step of the process is to verify that the number is routing properly.

Confirm the issue is not configuration based

  1. Locate the number on the AM or CM account. 

    • If the number cannot be found on the account, it's not a slam, we probably don't have that number.
  2. Verify call routing internally (from an 8x8 number) and externally and consult the following table:
    Internal Calls External Calls Result:
    Route to 8x8 Fail or don't route to 8x8 Possible slam, move on to next section
    Route to 8x8 Route to 8x8 Not a slam, number is functioning
    Fail or don't route to 8x8 Fail or don't route to 8x8 Not a slam, troubleshoot further 

Verify the Carrier  


You MUST follow the steps for confirming the issue is not config based prior to referring the issue to LNP.

1. Run the number in question through DID ID

  • Open DID ID
  • Put the number(s) in question in the large box to the top left
  • Select "PSTN ingress"  - Checking the PSTN ingress will dial the customers phone number from the 8x8 support number, if they answer, they will hear dead air then the call will hang up.
  • Click Submit and wait for it to process (this can take up to 60 seconds per number)

2. Interpret the results in DID ID

  • TEST: Sometimes test shows up when it should be a pass or fail if this happens. Run the test again after ~30 seconds and use that result to determine the next action. If it still says "TEST", if possible dial the number from a non-8x8 number to see if it routes to 8x8. If it does not, contact LNP.
  • PASS: The did is routing to 8x8 and that number has not been slammed. No need to redirect to LNP. Please perform additional technical troubleshooting on the config.
  • FAILED or CHECK : contact LNP

How to Contact LNP 

Within Business Hours (8:30 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST):
1. Create/update the Salesforce case and assign it to LNP
2. T
ransfer the client to the LNP chat/ WARM TRANSFER the call to 408 675 5141 - DO NOT GIVE OUT!
If they want LNPs number give them 888-898-8733 and inform them to use option 4



Create a Case

Before creating a case, make sure to complete the configuration checks and verify the carrier

  1. Create a Salesforce case and assign it to LNP - click here to learn how to assign a case to LNP.

  2. Add the following case Subject: Unauthorized port out (SLAM)

  3. Add the following template to the description:

    Phone number(s):
    Assigned to EXT: 
    DID ID Test Result: (Check, Pass, Fail) 
    Case Number:
    SP Name (from Trunumber):
    Event Date/Time (from Trunumber)


Outside Business Hours: follow the LNP escalation path. Make sure to provide the necessary details - use the template below:
Note-Icon.png Can we please check the underlying carrier for the following numbers to make sure they are with 8x8? 
  • Phone number(s):
  • DID ID Test Result: (Check, Pass, Fail) 
  • Salesforce Case Number
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