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How to create a Salesforce case for Porting (LNP)


How to create a Salesforce case for porting

Applies To

  • Number Transfer


1. Log into Salesforce and search for the customers name

2. Find the parent account, click on the Account Name link, create a new case, and select Continue.


3.  Case Owner should be set to the following queue:

  • LNP Queue - US  - for US numbers
  • LNP Queue - UK - for EMEA numbers
  • LNP Queue - ANZ - for APAC numbers

* For Customer Service Records (port out) requests, set Owner to Customer Support.

4. Provider Group should be Number Transfer - US or Number Transfer - UK

5. Contact is the name of the main admin (type it in and it will auto-populate)

6. Case Record Type should be set to Porting Request (for standard ports), LNP (for Porting Projects and Managed porting cases), or Service (for Customer Service Records requests)

7. Issue Level 2 should be set to (View chart below)

8. Issue Level 3 should be set to (View chart below)

Level 2 - New Request Level 3 - Local or Local INT - Toll Free or Toll Free Int - Slam
Level 2 - Order Status P Level 3 - Update
Level 2 - Rejections Level 3 - Choose the rejection


9. Severity should be set to 3 (Unless it is a Slam, then 1)

10. Status should be set to In Progress

11. Subject should be set to one of the titles based on the purpose of case - Toll Free Submission, Order Rejection, CSR,  Local Submission, Porting Project or Manged Porting

12. Description should be a brief description of what you are working and make sure to add any PONs and/or Tickets

13. Visible in Self Service Portal - Make sure to UNCHECK THIS BOX.


14. Affected Product should be set to VO

15. Platform should be set to VO



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