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LNP Status Tracking in Cases Internal FAQ


As of October 21, 2021, 8x8 has implemented automated tracking of status changes in customer phone number porting request cases.

This means that for number porting cases created on or after October 21, 2021, customers will immediately see the results of changes made to the status of their phone number transfer requests.


Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Local Number Portability (LNP)
  • Number Porting/Transfers

Questions & Answers

What are number transfers?

Number porting, or transfers, is the process of moving a customer's phone number from one telephony provider to another. For 8x8, this generally falls into the categories of either Local number and Toll Free number transfers.

Because telephony providers must port in, or request that numbers be transferred from the "losing provider" to their own service, providers such as 8x8 will never port out a customer's number from the 8x8 service.

What does Status tracking mean?

  • For our customers, this means that they will receive easier, more timely notifications whenever the status of their number porting requests is updated by the 8x8 Number Management team.
  • For 8x8 Support, this is a significant change which means that customers can communicate with the Number Transfer team through their number transfer cases, rather than requiring new cases for escalations or port-in status.

Why did we do this?

This change was made for two reasons:

  1. To provide 8x8 customers with a better experience. Number porting into 8x8 can take several weeks, or even longer if/when issues arise with losing carriers (carriers who currently own the customer's phone numbers). The new experience allows our customers to see their port request cases in the 8x8 Customer Support Portal, and receive immediate updates to the port-in process directly from their cases, as their requests progress and are updated.
  2. To streamline the LNP request process. This should result in a reduction of case status inquiries, case escalations, duplicate cases, and case processing time.

What about port-in requests made before October 21?

All number port-in requests received before October 21 will be handled using the old, manual update process until they are all completed.

How will customers see their new case updates?

As with all of Support cases, customers can view the progress of their number transfer requests in the 8x8 Customer Support portal. Please see the following section of the public article for instruction:

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