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LNP customer hotline shut-off


Starting 11/16/2020 customers will no longer be able to call the LNP hotline number 1-877-500-8799.

Applies To

  • All US customers regardless of segment or product

In order to allow our LNP team to spend more time processing customer porting requests, we will be removing the ability for customers to call directly into the LNP hotline. Customers will be expected to communicate via chat, or by creating a case.

What happens if a customer calls into the hotline on or after 11/16?

  • The customer will receive a message stating that they should chat in with Otto, or create a case for our support teams

Is the LNP team accessible via chat?

  • Currently, the LNP team is accessible via Chat transfers. If a customer chats into Otto and connects to a support agent, that support agent will be able to transfer the customer to LNP if they are unable to answer the inquiry

Will the LNP team still be able to receive internal support phone transfers?

  • Yes, LNP can still receive transfers from T1 support provided the support team has followed the proper issue isolation

How can the sales team get ahold of LNP?

What happens if a customer has an escalation?

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