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Managed Port Project Creation and engagement guidelines


This article designates the process for engagement and communication for Porting Projects (Managed Porting) for internal resources and the requirements to begin each process. For the public facing article click here

All Managed Porting Submissions is 15-21 business day processing time 

Applies To 

  • Porting large quantities of numbers
  • Deployment, Implementation and sales
  • US & CA / International porting
  • Accounts that purchase the dedicated/specific Managed Porting Services SKU Standalone or alongside any implementation package
  • Accounts that purchase Implementation Plus and VCC quick start may optionally engage this process
  • Managed Porting is for US and Canadian Local and Toll Free numbers

When Should a port be submitted as a managed porting project?

Managed porting is required when
  • Porting 50 numbers or more at once

  • When porting more than 30 total numbers with 2 or more carriers and each carrier has more than 10 numbers and the port needs to happen at the same time

  • When porting more than 30 total numbers and you have more than 10 of those numbers in different prefixes or service addresses and the port needs to happen at the same time
  • When the customer purchases the specific sku Managed Local Number Porting Services

These situations all require a project coordinator on the LNP side to ensure the number port processes and completes successfully. If the process is not engaged in these situations, it may result in a poor customer experience or the numbers not being ported.

Managed porting optional when:
  • The customer has purchased the implementation plus or quick start skus

it may sometimes work out for the best customer experience to do self service porting, please use the following guidelines below to help you make decision.

We suggest managed porting when:
  • When theres any combination of carriers/ number types (local/tf) and prefixes and all numbers must port at the same time
  • When the customer requires a specific time of day for the port to complete
We suggest Self Service when:
  • There is a single carrier involved and the customer does not require a hard go live date

  • When the customer has purchased a Implementation Plus sku that does not cover the quantity of hours for a managed port (managed porting takes an estimated ~6 hours minimum)

  • When the customer is doing a soft cut, and isn't picky on when the numbers actually port over
  • When the customer is porting under 50 numbers under 1 carrier and rate center. (please submit early with the targeted request date in this situation)

Ultimately the decision is up to the Implementation agent on which path to take, if you have a particular situation where you are unsure please reach out to Shilpa Somanchi, Terri Sanchez, or James Henry. In some cases LNP may provide an alternative suggestion.


Support Guidelines

Due to the complexity of porting large quantities of numbers the LNP team is unable to accept projects from support or other departments, If a customer is looking to port a large quality of numbers, they will need to engage with their sales agent to inquire about our Managed Local Number Porting Services or our paid implementation packages.

Implementation Guidelines


Please DO NOT assign the case to an agent directly. It will need to be assigend to the LNP Queue for tracking purposes.

Before you begin this process you must collect the following information. While only some are marked as required, the more documentation you provide the lower chance there is for delays or carrier rejections.

Required Documentation

  1. A completed letter of authorization for each service address and carrier 
  2. A completed mapping document
  3. A copy of your most recent bill from each carrier is only required for Toll free and international (must be within 30 days of request submission)
  4. An ideal date for the numbers to transfer over
    • Most Number Transfer Projects typically take between 15 and 21 business days (if all submitted information is correct). Keep in mind that while we will try our best, we cannot guarantee any port date until we hear back from your carrier(s). This date also depends on the quantity & country of numbers being ported.
    • If any of the information submitted does not match what your former provider has on file it will restart the clock, it is vital that you collect accurate information to the best of your ability 
Completing the Mapping Document 

The mapping document is important as it tells us where your numbers need to end up. Follow the guidelines on how to fill it. Please note that the document must be fully and accurately completed before we can process your request. If you'd like to watch a recording on how to complete the mapping document, click here.

Please download the form and fill out the following columns in Excel:

  • Number to Port - The number that you are planning to port to 8x8, 1 number per line make sure to include the country code and area code. EX 14086445454
  • Temporary Number - The number on your 8x8 system that we are replacing with the porting number 
  • Product - The product you are transferring the number to. This is most commonly Virtual office, or Virtual Contact Center
  • Carrier - this is the name of your former provider. EX Comcast business
  • Billing Telephone # - The billing telephone number for your former provider. This is typically the main number on your account, but please verify with your provider to ensure the correct information.
  • Business Name - The name of your business according to your former provider
  • Address (If there's multiple) - This is the service address for that phone number, if all the numbers have the same service address this only needs to be listed once
  • Authorized name - The name of the authorized contact for the former provider
  • Account Number (Optional) - If available, the account number with your current provider
  • Notes (Optional) - Any notes regarding the specific number if needed to be mentioned
  • A copy of the bill for US Local Numbers
  • A complete Customer Service Record from the former provider. This includes phone numbers, activity history, business and personal information like name and address, and account number

Submitting the Request

  1. Create a Case for LNP in Salesforce
    • Case record type: Porting Request
    • Category: LNP Project
    • Sub Category: Managed Porting
    • Subject: Company name - Port Project and list the number of local, toll-free numbers being ported and the requested 
      • Ex: Managed Port Services needed for (Customer) - # Local # Toll Free - Requested Date: (15-21 business days out)
    • Severity : Level 3
    • Set the case contact and CC's
    • issue level 2: new request
    • issue level 3: Select the most option appropriate 
    • Affected Product: Select the appropriate option (8x8 work / Virtual Contact Center)
    • Platform: Select the appropriate option (8x8 work / Virtual Contact Center)
    • Description: Add any additional info as possible and include Deployment Case Number
  2. Inform the customer of their case number and how to get ahold of their port coordinator. The project should be assigned within 48 hours
  3. Ensure that there is enough licenses and temps claimed if customer wants system assigned ( under the temps section of the mapping) This is also listed under "Validation Section " of the KB

Post Submission Delineation of responsibility

  • Implementation will be in charge of making sure the customer submitted data is correct, LNP may kick the project back if the documents don't match the validation criteria below

  • LNP will be in charge of communicating the confirmed transfer date, and any expected stalls or port rejections to both the implementation agent and the case contact via email. They will also send a calendar event to the implementation agent and customer for the date of port.

  • LNP will attempt to gather the data corrections from the customer, but may require assistance from Implementation if they have trouble getting the needed information.
  • Implementation will be in charge of following up with LNP at least 5 business days prior to the requested transfer date. They will advise the customer of the possible outcomes and communicate the customers decision to lnp. If the customer does not make a choice, it will default to option 1 
    1. we will leave the request as is, there is a possibility that the numbers will transfer over on the requested date, but we can't guarantee it
    2. We will request a pushback of this port.  This must be submitted by LNP team at least  72 hours prior 
  • LNP may request the implementation agent to manually submit the port request as soon as the transfer date (FOC) is confirmed. (If we have attempted to create the order and run into issues)


The LNP agent will validate the information below before they can submit the request. Please review.

  • Licenses and Temps Claimed-
    • Ensure the customer has the correct amount licenses for all numbers that are being ported (local and toll free).
    • Ensure all necessary temporary numbers have been claimed prior to case creation
      • If these steps are not taken prior, and the LNP agent has any issues creating orders, you will be engaged ss well as sales for additional licenses and the claiming of required temporary numbers. 
  • Up to date information - within 30 days of submission  - Copy of Phone Bill (COB), Customer Service Record (CSR) - These two documents will allow LNP to dispute any rejections and lessen the possibility of receiving a rejection by the current provider.

  • Correct Documentation - Make sure the COB includes the correct information (Account Number, Address, Company Name, Local Number & Toll Free Number - make sure the numbers are included in the COB). If porting Toll Free Numbers, they must also be included in the Mapping Document and NOT only on the Toll Free Letter Of Authorization (LOA).

  • Correct Toll Free Number LOA form - Make sure to use the Correct Toll Free LOA that should list the current Resporg ID QYR01-  (Click INQ Generic TF LOA.pdf for the updated LOA from Inteliquent)

  • We do NOT port on weekends or after hours

    • Time of port completion can be between 5 am and 3 pm PST
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