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Number Portability Checking


How to check number porting capability.

Applies To

  • US numbers
  • International Numbers
  • Sales Engineering (SE)



  1. Internally review the 8x8 Globalization requirements and capabilities and determine if porting is available. If porting is an option, proceed to step 2.
  2. Find below the relevant country for the numbers you are checking portability for and follow the steps outlined. Note, all carriers mentioned below are in reference to the 8x8 affiliated gaining carrier, not the client's existing carrier.
  3. If the country you are looking for is not listed here please create a portability check SF case.

Initiating a portability check


United States
  1. Use the Phone Number Portability Check Tool
  2. If not portable then it will show up in red, If there is a * next to the check then create a portability check SF case. So we can verify with our carriers 
  1. Use the checker on the Iristel website. Scroll down to “Number Portability Checker”.
  2. Since this only does one number at a time, if you need to check a lot of numbers, email
  3. If they are not portable with Iristel you can then create a portability check SF case. So we can check other carriers
Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, or Panama


Coverage List

eye.png Emailing Tips:
- Include the country code for all numbers and format in the following manner: “+52 55 5062 3710
- Whenever possible, please attach an invoice from each carrier involved in the portability check request.


Please note, for any countries with multiple carrier options, check portability with option 1 and if that carrier cannot port the numbers, please proceed to the next option.

United Kingdom

Email the porting team at


Toll Free - Orange


Colt (Option 1)

Orange (Option 2)


Locals - Voxbone



Portability check will be performed at time of port request submission.

New Zealand

Portability check not required as it will be validated at time of port submission.

  • Portability check not required.
  • Existing Level 6 numbers of these telco networks (Singtel / M1 / StarHub / Verizon / SuperInternet / TPG) fixed Line service are portable. Carriers require full range porting, so single numbers are often rejected for additional numbers.
  • Toll free numbers portable on a case by case basis through Orange. Only available between carriers SingTel and StarHub. 
Hong Kong

Orange - for Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers 

Non Geographic Numbers are portable as long as it is an ITFN and belongs to PCCW Global or Telstra. DTFNs are not portable here.


Porting is available on a case by case basis. Email with the numbers interested in porting and they will let you know if they are portable.


South Africa

Local Only - Telserv

No TFN porting available


Local -  Voxbone

Czech Republic

Local and TFN - Voxbone



Local -  Voxbone

Any others

Please create an SF case for any countries not listed here.



Gamma is only applicable for UK numbers.  The international code for UK numbers is “+44”.  However, UK numbers typically gain a “0” in place of the “+44” when used domestically within the UK.  For example  +44 20 7928 5200 becomes 020 7928 5200.  This is how we will need to communicate and search for the phone numbers in this section.

Only standard geographic numbers with a prefix of 01 or 02 and non-geographic numbers with a prefix of 03 or 08 will be portable.  Additionally, only numbers with the following current or originating carriers will be guaranteed to be portable: Gamma, Colt, British Telecom, Virgin, Vodafone, or Voxbone.  For any numbers outside of these current or originating carriers, please email to verify portability.

Ask the client to confirm who the existing/originating local carrier is. If they are unsure, please ask them to check with the service provider. If they are unable to identify the originating carrier(s), use one of the following websites to identify them:


    • Enter a UK phone number in the Partial Telephone Number to Lookup field

    • Select the Lookup Number button

    • The site will display search results based on the greatest common denominator applicable prefix string of the number (usually either the first 7 or 8 digits)  In the example below, the number 0345 602 0000 returns a result of 0345 602 in the Number column.  All phone numbers starting with this string will share the characteristics shown in the results below.

  • Look at the Operator field to identify the originating carrier

  • Look at the Service field to identify the type of number.

    • Geographic numbers will show as “Geographic”. 

    • Non-geographic numbers will show as “UK Wide”.

  • Perform a separate search for each set of number string prefixes that need to be checked.  Typically large blocks of numbers can be verified at a time with the above process.


    • Under the Ofcom Numbering Site section, select the link for the type of number/number prefix that is needed.  

    • Download the corresponding Excel document containing the correct number prefix.

      • The 01 number string prefix information is split up into different documents by the third digit of the string.  For example, “Geographic Codes starting with 11 or 12” contains all of the blocks of numbers beginning with 011 or 012.  The 02 number string prefix information is contained under “Geographic Codes Starting with 2”.  

        • For example,   The number 0129671500 would be listed on the “Geographic Codes Starting with 12” document on the row that contains the most digits starting from the beginning of the number, disregarding the 0, in this case 1296 71.


For a portability check, please fill the 'Portability Check Template' (attached HERE) and email it to: Include all the DIDs and the current carrier information. It is also best to include a current invoice if possible.

  • When completing the template, only fill in the orange(*) portions. The blue portion is for their response to us.
    • For Number Type, enter 'Domestic Toll Free' for any 0800 numbers and enter 'PSTN' for any other numbers (unless the client specfies that the numbers are shared cost/revenue).
  • Service Provider = the current provider billing for the numbers. If the client does not know, it should be available on the invoice. (For example, the service provider for our customer is '8x8', but the operator would be a carrier such as Gamma/Colt/Orange.)
  • Operator Name = the current carrier of the numbers. Ask the client to confirm who the existing local carrier is. If they are unsure, please ask them to check with the service provider. If the service provider is unable to identify the existing carrier then leave the 'operator name' section blank and submit the portability check to Orange accompanied by a current invoice.
  • In your email to Orange, add whether you are using Business Talk or Contact Center
    • Business Talk is used for Geographic Numbers
    • Contact Center is used for Non-Geographic Numbers (they will also ask the approx call volumes expected)


They do not do portability checking but note that all geographic numbers should be portable except for TN’s tied to alarm systems. All numbers must also be active on an account. No non-geographic numbers are portable through Colt.


For toll free services only.





Create a portability check SF case


Email porting team at



Geographic Numbers - Local numbers or PSTN numbers

Non-Geographic Numbers - Toll Free Numbers

ITFN - International Toll Free Number

DTFN - Domestic Toll Free Number

Initiating a portability check case

SLA: 3 - 5 business days for the Americas. For other regions, and depending on the amount of numbers and the country, portability checks may take significantly longer.

  1. Go to the Account
  2. Create a new Case
  3. Select a record type of Service
  4. Set Provider Group as

    Number Transfer US - for all Americas and APAC numbers
    Number Transfer UK - for all EMEA and other numbers
  5. Fill in the Account Name and customer Contact Name for the account
  6. Set Case Type as Service Request
  7. Set Severity as 3 or 2
  8. Leave Status as New
  9. Set Case Origin as Internal
  10. Set Subject as the account name and the purpose of the request

    Example - “World Courier - Peru Porting Check Request”
  11. Set Description as:

    a) The list of numbers and the underlying carrier name for each number
    - Include the country code for all numbers and format in the following manner: “+52 55 5062 3710
    - For anything over 10 numbers, attach a spreadsheet in-lieu of this section.  Write Please see attached.
    - Whenever possible, please attach an invoice from each carrier involved in the portability check request.

    b) Any other general notes/information
  12. Set Category as Account Service
  13. Set Sub Category as Number Porting
  14. Set Affected Product as 8x8 Work
  15. Scroll down and uncheck Visible in Self-Service Portal  
  16. Save the case
  17. Ensure that the Case Owner is LNP Queue - US or UK as appropriate.
  18. Attach any additional relevant files to the case, including any spreadsheets and carrier invoices. 


If there has been no communication from the LNP team about the porting check for 3 days after submitting the case, please follow the LNP Escalation Procedures, starting with the non-urgent category and moving to the urgent category as necessary.

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