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Porting Out of 8x8 Service - CSR



This article details how to assist customers who are asking about porting their numbers out of 8x8 service. In order to provide them the most up to date information, our LNP team will need to create a CSR or Customer Service Record.

A CSR provides all the information required to port the number out such as the service address, authorized name, billing telephone number, or PIN, if applicable, in order to complete the porting process.

Please Note: For US and Non-UK International Numbers, please follow the steps below. For UK Port outs, please create a support case for provider group Customer Support-UK.


8x8 Cannot initiate a port out for a customer. A customer must file a porting request with their gaining carrier. Only follow this process if the customer has faced rejections or issues with the port out or are requesting a CSR

Applies To

  • Number Porting
  • Porting Out
  • US Local Numbers, non uk international numbers

Case Creation Procedure - For Support Agents


Customers can only port out numbers that are active on an account or have been active on an account within the last 60 days. if a customer released the number back to 8x8 or canceled their account more than 60 days ago, they will be unable to port their number out.

If the customer is porting their number to another provider, they must work with the new provider to complete that request. These requests should not be transferred to the LNP hotline. We cannot provide information or timelines on when a number will port out from 8x8.

In certain situations we may need to provide information to the customer for their port out:

  • If the customer is requesting a CSR from 8x8 or is experiencing multiple failures, create a Salesforce case using the following format:
  1. Search for the Account
  2. Click on the Account Name for the Parent Account
  3. Go to the Related tab
  4. Click on the Contact Name
  5. Click New Service Case
  6. Enter the Subject as Port Out - CSR request
  7. Enter the Description
    - Provide a list of Numbers that the customer is porting out from 8x8 & the reason the request was rejected.
    - Describe the type of security verification performed, including verifying that the customer has the phone numbers permissions
  8. Set Owner to LNP Queue - US or LNP Queue - UK
  9. Case Record Type should be set to Porting Request
  10. Category should be Port Outs
  11. Sub Category should be CSR Request or Account #/PIN Request
  12. Set Severity (issue level 2 and issue level 3 according to the issue experienced)
  13. Set the case origin to Internal
  14. Save the case.
  15. Please open the new case and confirm that the Owner and Provider Group are set correctly or there could be delays in getting the case assigned.

Please inform the customer that it may take up to 7 Business days to retrieve a CSR. CSR requests should not be transferred to the lnp call or chat queues

Important-Icon.png REMEMBER: Porting out of numbers does not result in account cancellation! Please inform the customer that if they are considering cancelling their 8x8 service, the cancellation procedure must be initiated explicitly and separately from porting numbers out. (This message will also be communicated to the customer in the LNP notification email.)

Generating the CSR - For LNP Agents

  • Always confirm with the customer if they want to port all numbers or a batch of numbers when dealing with larger amounts of numbers. 

The Customer Verification process must be followed if the support agent raising the case did not explicity notate that they completed the security verification process

  • The customers role Must Include Phone Numbers

X series, Migrated and Express CSR Tool

When pulling a CSR for a customer, we now have the option to use the CSR tool within TAP tools. If you don't have access to Tap Tools, Click here to view how to request access. for Each CSR you MUST Select the customer, Pull the CSR and Perform all CSR corrections before sending to a customer

Selecting the customer 

  1. Log into Okta
  2. Click Tap tools
  3. Navigate directly to
  4. Click Customer Info/Change
  5. For the selector field, choose customer ID
  6. Enter the customer ID  which can be found by following these instructions 
  7. click the search icon
  8. Check the Select box
  9. Click Confirm

Pulling the CSR

  1. Select support Tools
  2. Select CSR
    • For large accounts the CSR can take several minutes to generate
  3. Click Download CSV
  4. save the file with the following name "8x8_CustomerName_CSR.csv"

CSR corrections

The CSR's downloaded can sometimes contain incorrect information about the customer account. Perform the following steps before providing the information to the customer once the file it downloaded

In order to perform the CSR corrections, you need to understand excel filters, refer here for more info. Don't forget to unfilter after each section  

Replacing Nulls
  1. Open the CSV in Excel
  2. Select the Find & Select option in the top ribon
  3. Choose Replace
  4. Fill in as follows
    • Find what: null
    • Find entire cells only: checked
    • replace with: leave this field empty
  5. Click Replace All

Non US numbers

For non US numbers, the tool generates a default address and it is important that we do not provide this to the customer without double checking. Perform the following updates to the CSV file

  1. Open the CSV in Excel 
  2. Apply a filter to the data
  3. In column b, filter out US
  4. If there are any numbers remaining, Delete the Addresses for them continue onto the next section
  5. For each international number perform a CSR lookup for the address and fill it in on the sheet. If there is a country that you are unsure of how to pull a CSR for, please speak to your manager or lead
  6. Save the file
US Numbers without Addresses

CRM migrated numbers that belong to lumen and were ported in, have to have their addresses pulled manually. Perform the following steps to update the CSV file

  1. Apply a filter to the data

  2. In the address column deselect all the fields except blanks  (you can hit select all once, then (blanks))
  3. Apply the logic in the address Matrix to fill in the remaining Values.

X series, Migrated and Express Manual CSR generation

The manual Process should only be followed if the CSR tool is not accessible 

  1. Log into DMW
  2. Click the hamburger menu, then Number inventory
  3. Under customer, enter the customers account name
  4. Select the status of Assigned and Available
  5. Export the Excel File 
  6. Open the downloaded file
  7. Delete all columns except
    • Origin
    • phone number
    • Carrier
    • customer Id
    • country
  8. Add columns for 
    • Authorized first name
    • Authorized last name 
    • Billing Telephone Number
    • Address
    • pin
  9. Rename the following columns
    • customerId to Account Number
  10. Complete the new Fields based on the following logic table
    Field US numbers Non US numbers
    Authorized first name Use the AC administrators First Name Use the AC administrators First Name
    Authorized Last Name Use the AC administrators Last Name Use the AC administrators Last Name
    Address See Address Matrix See Address Matrix
    Billing Telephone number Copy the value from phoneNumber Copy the value from phoneNumber 
    Pin If the carrier is Intelliquent put the pin as 8x82125 otherwise leave blank. Leave Blank
  11. Delete the column Origin

  12. Save the file and send it to the customer 

Address Matrix for X series customers

The address Display Can be somewhat complicated so we have split it into a separate logic diagram. Perform this logic for each number. The information on the number can be found in DMW's Number Inventory




Look Up CRM port order for Address

In order to find the addresses for these numbers, you will need to access the customers CRM account

  1. Log in to Legacy CRM.
  2. Search for the customer account
  3. Select the respective customer
  4. Head to LNP status, you may need to select clipboard_e866646f3b21ad80b00fc21374e892c77.png first
  5. Locate the respective case
  6. Click LOA to view the address
  7. Copy the address into the excel file

Look up carrier Records

For NON US numbers we often need to look up the carrier portal to find the address for the numbers. Refer to this Matrix for more info. As more info is discovered it will be added. (apologies that it's barren right now!)

Country Carrier How to find
Not listed any talk to you manager for next steps

Generating a Doc

Customers may ask to get a word document instead of a CSV file, please inform the customer that converting the file will take additional time and the information will be the exact same as the CSR CSV file. In order to generate this file, do the following

  1. Open the CSV in excel
  2. Filter all but one carrier
  3. Sort by address
  4. Fill the (Blank_CSR.docx) for that carrier separating out each address
  5. move onto the next carrier

Legacy CRM Port Outs

  1. Confirm the customer is a Legacy Customer (Account Manager) by logging in as the customer in Salesforce.

  2. Log in to Legacy CRM.

  3. In 360 Degree View, search the customer and click on the customer account.
  4. Scroll down and click the graph icon to download all the numbers on the account. Select View All or View 100 if available to ensure you are downloading all items on the account.
  5. In the spreadsheet you have downloaded, all the local numbers should be listed in Column D. Confirm all the local numbers the customer would like to port out.
  6. In CRM, go to the LNP Status tab at the top to see if the numbers were ported or provisioned by 8x8. 
  7. If no case exists for the number, it is provisioned. Use the information found using the following methods:
    • Carrier: use the True Number Finder to find the underlying carrier
    • Company: Use the Company Name in Salesforce
    • Authorized Name: use the name of the authorized contact you are working with on the case
    • Address: use the billing address on the Salesforce account 
    • Pin: Use 8x82125 IF the number is with inteliquent, otherwise leave blank
    • Account Number: Use the customer Id in Salesforce
    • Billing Telephone Number: Use the lowest sequential number with that carrier
  8. If there is a case showing the local numbers were ported, use the porting information in the case to fill out the CSR template (Blank_CSR.docx).

Sending the CSR document

The CSR document should be sent to customers via the Salesforce and the case should be closed at the same time

Use the template in the LNP folder named CSR and make sure not to forget to attach the CSR file!

Once the CSR file is provided to the customer, resolve the case saying "csr provided" in the resolved notes.

CSR Escalation Resolution

Sometimes the information that we have on record for customers can be inaccurate, please refer to the following table for common troubleshooting steps

Situation Resolution

Port out from Inteliquent / Onvoy LLC / Neutral Tandem

Provide the customer the '8x82125' pin to use

(A lower case x, is necessary)

Bandwidth pin rejection Check Bandwidth's portal to see if the number has a pin applied and provide to the customer
Verizon Numbers Email requesting their CSR and use the information provided. 
Anything else Speak to your manager or lead for next steps


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