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Setting the correct case type


When working on an LNP case, it is important that we have the correct case type set, in order to figure out what kind of work we are doing.

Applies To

  • Salesforce cases worked by LNP agents 


There are 3 important Salesforce fields we need to look at

  • Case type: This is the Major classification of the case 
  • Issue Level 2: This is a subcategory, allows us to get more granular
  • Issue Level 3: Even more subcategories, again, more granular

Although this guide covers common scenarios, there can be so many cases and reason for cases, if you don't see the situation here, use your best judgment.

Case Type: Porting

You will almost always set the case type to porting, the only real-time you would select something else is if the issue wasn't porting related

Issue level 2

Issue name When to use
Customer Data (Dialer Records) CSR requests (use issue level 3: Exporting)
New Request Porting Projects | initial submission of a port request by you | Toll-Free Ports
Order Status P When a customer (or support) is asking about how long a port is going to take. Not for updates 
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