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Troubleshooting: Port request fails to submit in Admin Console

Question Getting an error when porting numbers through Admin Console

If the user Carrying out the port receives the following error: ERROR "UNABLE TO SUBMIT PORTING REQUEST" there are several reasons for this and one of the checks are documented below:


Applies To

  • 8x8 Work
  • VCC
  • LNP
  • Admin Console


In order for a port to take place it is important that all data is clear and map with the Current Range Holder so the Numbers have to be in a valid format company details should match as well as the address. 

  • The Address is common in the failure as 8x8 uses a third party provider to validate the address and if that fails validation then the port will error, ways to ensure the address is valid a search in Google for the Address will return the location on a map and the address that is formatted correctly: 



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