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UK Implementation porting queue assignment process


This article covers how to mitigate Non Imp uk porting cases form landing in the imp uk queue and getting stuck

Applies To

  • Implementation UK LNP team


Open the LNP - UK Queue - PMA Un-deployed SB Report And perform the following steps for each record to determine if it's an active implementaiton that belongs in your queue 

  1. If you know someone on the LNP UK imp team is working on a port for a customer, assign it to that agent Otherwise continue to step 2
  2. Check the account record to see if they have any open Cases with a record type of Onboarding
    1. If onboarding record type cases exist continue to step 3, otherwise change the accounts deployment status to Deployed and move onto the next record
  3. Check to see if the case is assigned to a known implementation agent if so, move onto the next record, if the assigned agent/party is unknown or on another team continue to step 4
  4. Message out in the Implementation and LNP uk chat room to see if anyone can help you identify if it's a customer they would help if it is, move onto the next record, if not continue to step 5 
  5. If not, message Brian or Trina and get their opinion on next steps. 
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