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What to do if a customer requests an expedited port request


The process if a customer requests an expedited number port.

Note-Icon.png An expedited request does not guarentee an expedited number port.

Applies To

  • LNP
  • Porting
  • Expedite


Please note: This is a request only and the losing carrier may deny the request, but the customer will still be billed. We cannot expedite until we receive a FOC date.

1) LNP Agent will inform the customer that the Losing Service Provider (Carrier being ported away from) has 24 hrs to respond to the expedite request and the expedite price is $75 - $300 PER Local Number / $45 PER Toll Free Number.

2) If the customer approves the pricing per number being ported, the agent will check with LNP Management for expedited approval.

3) If approved, the LNP Agent will move forward with expediting the port request and reach out to the Sales rep via Salesforce case to charge the customer the sku (PS Sku) for the amount for the expedited port. Sales please notate what the PS Sku is for when placing the order.

4) For Sales, please make sure to opt the customer out of the Implementation process so they do not receive additional Implementation emails.

Additional Information

If Sales is asked about expedited porting from a customer, Sales must inform the customer of the pricing above and engage LNP via Salesforce case with customer contact information.