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8x8 Application Panel 2.0 Overview


The application panel is used by most 8x8 customers to access and launch their 8x8 applications.  We have introduced a new application panel launched October 1, 2021.

If you or your users are not seeing the new application panel they may have the old application panel cached or are using a bookmarked link to the old application panel.  If this is the case you can use the link to the new application panel as shown below or you can clear your cache to see if that helps you bring up the new application panel.

AP 2 beta link.jpg

It will bring up the new application panel (which I'm only showing the top of here.)

AP 2 beta top.jpg

The new tiles include the application graphic, the name of the application and a description of the application.

If you want to switch back to the old version you can click on the word 'here' at the end of the sentence under My Applications.

AP 2 old link.jpg

If you are using a bookmark to get to the 8x8 application panel please log out of 8x8 and then try clicking on or typing in the following link to log into 8x8.

New Product Graphics

The graphics on the new panel share similar graphics for applications with similar functionality.  For example the tiles for Quality Management & Speech Analytics, Analytics for Contact Center and Customer Experience and Post-Call Survey Analytics all have a similar graphic with just a slight difference in the alphabetic portion of the graphic.

AP 2 graphics.jpg

New Product Names

Several products have different names than they did on the old application panel.  Here is a table of the old and new names.

Old Name New Name
Virtual Contact Center Config Mgr Configuration Manager for Contact Center
8x8 Contact Center Analytics Analytics for Contact Center
Virtual Contact Center Agent Contact Center Agent
Support Knowledge Base
Virtual Office Account Mgr Account Manager

Additional Information

Application Panel 2.0 has a new code base which improves it's reliability.

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