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Does 8x8 have a Status Page showing current service status or interruptions?


Does 8x8 have a Status Page showing current service status or interruptions?

Applies To

  • 8x8 System Status


Yes, 8x8 Technical Support manages and updates a public Status Page at The page features:

  • dedicated information for any current widely impacting events (such as outages, system errors, access issues, etc.)
  • filters for region, service, and application type
  • a history of impacting events 

Additional Information

Do I need a login to access the 8x8 Status Page?

No, the 8x8 Status page is public and does not require a login.

Are all customer issues posted to the Status Page?

No. Incidents recorded on the 8x8 Status Page are impacting across a population of customers who may share a cluster, region, platform, or other common characteristic that makes the event important to explain broadly.

An issue known to be impacting only a single 8x8 customer at a given time -- even if the scope of impact is across multiple users, sites, or services -- may not be captured on the Status Page until or unless it is determined that the issue is affecting others in the same way.

How often are updates posted?

8x8 posts updates at a minium of 30 minutes. Significant updates may be posted earlier between this intervals. In some cases longer updates may be announced if there periods where no update is expected. 

If I don't see an incident posted that describes a problem I'm having, how do I report the issue?

Create a case with 8x8 Technical Support to diagnose any unplanned service issues.

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