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8x8 Video Meetings - Calendar sync with Virtual Office Desktop
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8x8 Video Meetings - Calendar sync with Virtual Office Desktop



Syncing Virtual Office Desktop with Calendar meetings

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop, 8x8 meetings 


Virtual Office Desktop has the ability to sync the calendar of various providers such as Google, Office365, iCloud, etc.)  This is primarily used in conjunction with the 8x8 meetings plugin to schedule meetings through the various clients and have it sync to Virtual Office Desktop.


To sync a calendar to Virtual Office Desktop, navigate to Settings>Meetings.  Click on "Sync Calendar" under the "Calendar for meetings" section.  You'll be prompted to choose your provider and enter your credentials in.


calendar sync 2.png


calendar sync 3.png

Currently 8x8 provides these meeting integration plugins:

  • Virtual Office Meetings Plugin for Google Calendar
  • Virtual Office Meetings Add-in for Microsoft Office 365
  • Outlook Plugin for Virtual Office Meetings


From your *synced* calendar, you can set up meetings and they will sync to Virtual Office Desktop under the Meetings icon.  Virtual Office Desktop will show upcoming meetings for the next 3 days (including the current day).

It is not mandatory to add an 8x8 meeting via the plugin for it to sync to Virtual Office Desktop.  There will be an option for you to "Add meeting" afterwards (applies only to non-reoccurring events):

calendar sync 5.png

Please note that there are some restrictions on what is synced to Virtual Office Desktop:

Personal User Calendar

-Events that are longer than 24 hours 

-Not updatable via API  such as when the user is not the organzizer 
-Reoccurring meetings without an 8x8 meeting linked
-Events that have a classic meeting link or if the owner is on the classic meetings platform.

8x8 meeting rooms (Spot)

-Events that are longer than 24 hours and do not have a meeting link.
-8x8 will return a max of 3 events.  Meetings with links are prioritized over ones that don't, ordered by start time.
-Private events will be listed, however they will be missing the summary and the meeting link (if it exists).  The meeting link can be extracted but requires a specific permission "Make changes to events"for this calendar.


For both:
-Events that have ended for more than one hour and one minute.
-Events that are considered duplicates - i.e. they have the same summary, meeting link, same start time but different end time.  We will list the event that ends at the later time.


Additional Information

User guide for 8x8 meetings



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