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8x8 Work Integration Migration FAQ


Beginning late October 2020, 8x8 will begin migrating legacy 8x8 Work integrations to the new Maestro service platform. There is no downtime or action needed by you for this migration.

The integration functionality remains unchanged.

Applies To

  • Customers with legacy 8x8 Work integrations 


Customers with the following legacy 8x8 work integrations will have their application migrated:

  • NetSuite: Integrations versions 1.x through 2.x
  • Zendesk: Integration version 2.2
  • Salesforce: Integration version 2.8

Customers migrated to the new platform will notice an updated Communication Panel UI.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 3.15.53 PM.png

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

8x8 integration packages currently installed on customer CRM accounts will not be removed or changed.

Instead, the affected users' communication panel will automatically redirect to the Maestro platform. The integration functionality remains unchanged.

To reduce impact, all current settings and customizations to the legacy integrations will be migrated to the Maestro integration.

Why is this happening?

The purpose of these migrations is to bring all integrations under a single platform.

Can I opt-out or switch back?

The option to switch or opt-out is not available.

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