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8x8 Support

Channel Partner Post Sales Support


At 8x8, we’re all part of the partner community. 8x8 offers the partner community a dedicated support team called PartnerXperience as an additional layer of support. The PartnerXperience team is a group of non-technical partner advocates who provide assistance with customer post-sale challenges by triaging and facilitating a resolution. This team is also our partner’s go to for partner relationship related inquiries. PartnerXperience managers triage and facilitate resolution on all inquiries including:

  • Commissions / SPIFFs (8x8 Direct Partners Only)
  • Billing Issues
  • Implementation/Deployment Status
  • Technical Support
  • Post Sales Escalations
  • Legal Questions
  • Cancellations

Applies To

  • 8x8 Partners

Case Management

Whether you need to create a new case or request updates to or escalate an existing case, contacting PartnerXperience is easy and responses are received within 24-48 hours.

Follow these easy steps to create, view or escalate a case:

To Create A New Partner Case

  1. Login to PartnerXchange
  2. Click Support in the main navigation
  3. Select PartnerXperience from the drop down
  4. Click Create a Case
  5. Complete the new case form and submit (An automated email will be sent with case number)

To View An Existing Case

  1. Login to PartnerXchange
  2. Click View Existing Cases from PartnerXperience page to view status updates
  3. If you see a case that you feel has met your expectations and is still open, you have the option to close that case.

To Escalate A Customer Case

  1. Login to PartnerXchange
  2. Select Support from the main navigation
  3. Select PartnerXperience from the drop down
  4. Click View Existing Case and select the case in question
  5. Click Escalate (Available 24 hours after initial creation)

Additional Information

  • For additional partner support in both the US and APAC, the PartnerXperience Team can be reached Monday through Friday, 5am to 5pm PT on 844-248-3221.
  • For business impacting technical support, 8x8 offers our Partners a Technical Hotline. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 408-956-6066.
  • Please ensure you have a customer case number to reference when contacting 8x8 Partner Support.
  • Click here to access a guide to the 8x8 PartnerXchange Portal
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