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8x8 Support

Global Enterprise Support Overview


The Enterprise Support Experience is a program designed to provide a superior level of technical support to 8x8’s strategic customers.  The Enterprise Support Support Experience is delivered by seasoned 8x8 technical experts, who have years of product specific experience and industry knowledge.

Enterprise Support Engineers (ESE)- The 8x8 Enterprise Support team is a globally distributed team of hand picked product support engineers who are dedicated to quickly managed and resolve Enterprise Support Customer issues

Sr Enterprise Support Engineers (Sr ESE) - 8x8’s Sr ESE's are senior-level, highly trained 8x8 product support engineers who manage and resolve complex technical support issues for their assigned Enterprise Support Customers

Technical Account Managers (TAM) - 8x8’s TAM’s are seasoned professionals that bring a wealth of UCaaS/CCaaS industry knowledge and peripheral areas of expertise to the Enterprise Support program. The TAM’s delivers strategic and tactical technical consultation to the Enterprise Support Customers and act as customer champions during technical crisis

How can I engage 8x8 Enterprise Support?

  • Create a Case (Preferred) -  Using 8x8 Support Portal to create a web case (Click Here)

  • Phone - Call 1-866-204-8720 (US) / +44 207 096 6060 (UK) to reach our Premium Help Desk line where the issue will be triaged and escalated to the appropriate NSE/CEM

  • StatusCast - Receive alerts on service outages with the ability to create a case if desired. For an article on how to sign up for StatusCast (Click Here)

Before Contacting Support

Check out our product user manuals or visit our Known Service-Impacting Issues page:

8x8 Contact Center Manuals & User Guides (Click Here)

8x8 Work Manuals and User Guides (Click Here)

8x8 Device Manuals and User Guides (Click Here)

Customer Responsibilities 

As an 8x8 customer, the customer is responsible for the following items:

  • Service identifier: Providing a valid service identifier such as site name, address or telephone number when reporting an incident to 8x8 Support
  • Authorized representatives: Provide and maintain a list of authorized technical representatives who can act on behalf of the organization, and be contacted by the 8x8 Premium Support team
  • Checking equipment: Checking that equipment is cabled and powered correctly, including phones, routers, etc 
  • Diagnostics: Completing first-level diagnostic checks before raising a case with 8x8 Support

8x8 Quality of Service 

The Customer is responsible for procuring at its own cost, Internet connectivity; and for ensuring that all aspects of the applicable network environment(s) adhere to the standards and requirements specified in 8x8’s Documentation (being those user manuals and technical documentation related to the 8x8 VOIP service offering posted to, but excluding marketing materials). Additionally, the Customer must make sure that the 8x8 VOIP service offering is configured appropriately to the proposed use. As 8x8’s VOIP service offerings rely on the transmission of electronic data over the Internet and various other networks that are not owned or operated by, or under the control of, 8x8, 8x8 is not responsible (or liable) for any delay, loss, alteration or interception of data in the course of its transmission through and between networks not owned and/or operated by 8x8. 

Call quality checklist:  Edit section

When logging a fault please be prepared to supply information to help diagnose issues, for example:

  1. What is happening? i.e. no audio / one way audio / break up of audio / delayed speech / echo / robotic / static noise?
  2. Is it on all calls or is it intermittent?
  3. Does it affect one single phone, a few, or all phones? 
  4. Has the call been tried on another phone? 
  5. Is the issue on incoming, outgoing, or both? 
  6. Does the issue happen on internal calls? 
  7. What was displayed on the phone at the time of the call and afterward? 
  8. Are there any obvious patterns? i.e. always at the same time of the day? Always when lots of people are taking calls? 
  9. When supplying call examples for an audio trace, the following is required: 
  10. Is the internet connection stable and checks have been run?

When collecting call samples, they need to have the following criteria:

1. Call sample needs to be within 2 hours of the call
2. Number calling (Full number with Area code) 
3. Number called (Full number with Area code) 
4. Date and time of call 
5. Call direction 

Preferred call examples are from landline numbers. As mobile calls have too many variables to take into account. Call examples from withheld numbers are acceptable, where they are few in number, as finding these calls can be time consuming. 

How do I escalate an existing case?

There are two primary methods of escalating support issues, please ensure you have an existing support case logged. Escalating a case will notify the Enterprise Support leadership team to ensure the case will receive the proper attention. 

  • How to escalate via Support Portal
  • How to escalate via email

How to escalate via Support Portal:

After a support ticket is raised, the Escalate Case button is visible in the upper right of the case page within the 8x8 Support Portal (My 8x8) if the Support case owner has not responded within 24 hours after:



How to escalate via email:

Send an email to

Please use the following template when escalating via email:

  • Case Number:

  • Expected Next Step: 

  • Point of Contact:

  • Phone Number or Email for POC:

  • Additional Comments: 

Enterprise Support Support Team Hours of Operation 

Region and Hours

Support Phone

Observed Office Holidays


M-F, 6 am - 6 pm PST

US: +1 866 204 8720


New Years Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

The Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Day

M-F, 6 am - 5 pm GMT

UK: +44 207 096 6060

New Year’s Day

Easter Monday

Christmas Day

St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

May Day

Spring Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday


Service Level Targets (SLT): Initial Response


Enterprise Support

Severity Definition



30 minutes

Production down: Production system, application or business critical feature/function is down.


2 hours

Production impaired: A major feature or function is not working correctly and is blocking the full use of the 8x8 system, but basic functions and features are working.


4 hours

Minor issue: A minor issue is impacting the usability of the system, but a workaround is available and major features and functions are working correctly.

Management Contacts

Escalation Level

US Hours:

6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PT

UK Hours:

6:00 AM - 17:00 PM GMT

Americas/EMEA Leaders

Luis Jimenez

+1 (669) 221-1056

Wajid Nazir

+44 20 7096 6056

Enterprise Support Frontline Support Sr. Manager

Vlad Radutac

+1 (408) 824-1022

Enterprise Support Support Experience Director

Doug Lindsay

+1 (213) 336-5825

Technical Account Management Sr. Director

Timothy Volking

+1 (209) 410-9164 

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