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Global Premium Plus Support Overview
8x8 Support

Global Premium Plus Support Overview



Premium Plus is a paid service level tailored for 8x8 customers that require a personalized customer experience to fully utilize the power of their 8x8 communications solution. Premium Plus adds a (NSE) Named Support Engineer and a (CEM) Customer Engagement Manager to serve as the customer's main point of contact, and ensure all issues are handled by a team thoroughly familiar with their implementation and processes. In addition, Premium Plus customers receive Issue Resolution service level targets (SLT) and access to an 8x8 Technical Engagement Team. The global Premium Plus team can also help the customer manage other 8x8 paid offerings such as User Administration (MACDs) and custom migrations.

This article discusses how to determine if you have a current Premium Plus service agreement, how to escalate issues to the Premium Plus support team, best practices for qualifying an issue, creating a case, support targets, and escalation contact information.

How can I engage 8x8 Premium Plus Support?

Premium Plus is an 8x8 paid support offering. If your company is currently enrolled in 8x8 Premium Plus, a Named Support Engineer (NSE) and a Customer Engagement Manager (CEM) are assigned to your account. Please contact the designated administrator of 8x8 account within your organization, so that they can provide you with the correct contact information. 

If this is not possible, please contact 8x8 using the following options: 

  • Create a Case (Preferred) -  Using 8x8 Support Portal to create a web case (Click Here)

  • Phone - Call 1-888-898-8733 or 1-866-204-8720 (US) / +44 207 096 6060 (UK) to reach our Premium Help Desk line where the issue will be triaged and escalated to the appropriate NSE/CEM

  • StatusCast - Receive alerts on service outages with the ability to create a case if desired. For an article on how to sign up for StatusCast (Click Here)

Before Contacting Support

Check out our product user manuals or visit our Known Service-Impacting Issues page:

8x8 Contact Center Manuals & User Guides (Click Here)

8x8 Work Manuals and User Guides (Click Here)

8x8 Device Manuals and User Guides (Click Here)

Known Service-Impacting Issues (Click Here)

Call quality checklist:  Edit section

1. What is happening? i.e. no audio / one way audio / break up of audio / delayed speech / echo / robotic / static noise? 

2. Is it on all calls or is it intermittent? 

3. Does it affect one single phone, a few or all phones? 

4. Has the call been tried on another phone? 

5. Is the issue on incoming, outgoing or both? 

6. Does the issue happen on internal calls? 

7. What was displayed on the phone at the time of the call and afterwards? 

8. Are there any obvious patterns? i.e. always the same time of the day? Always when lots of people are taking calls? 

When supplying call examples for an audio trace, the following is required: 

9. Is the internet connection stable and checks have been run?

(Call example needs to be within 24 hours of the call) 

• Number calling (Full number with Area code) 

• Number called (Full number with Area code) 

• Date and time of call 

• Call direction 

Preferred call examples are from landline numbers. As mobile calls have too many variables to take into account. Call examples from withheld numbers are acceptable, where they are few in number, as finding these calls can be time consuming. 


How do I escalate an existing case?

Open a case first via portal or via phone.

24 hours after case creation, you may use the ‘Escalate Case’ button in the 8x8  Customer Portal.


See below for additional escalation contact information. Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Engagement Manager for your customized Premium Plus escalation sheet.

Escalation Info (Management Contacts)

Escalation Level

US Hours:

6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PT


APAC Hours:

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT

12:00 AM - 9:00 AM GMT

UK Hours:

6:00 AM - 17:00 PM GMT

Support Portal

ESCALATE BUTTON within the case. Fastest way to alert the team handling the case of an escalation. Available 24 hours after the case is created.

Premium +

Lead / Team Manager

Luis Jimenez

+1 (669) 221-1056

Anthony Tjiong

+1 (669) 770-8871 

Wajid Nazir

+44 20 7096 6056

Sr. Manager, Technical Support team

Marc Kopzynski

+1 (669) 770-2369





Director, Technical Support

Hector Mayorga

+1 (209) 382-6662 

Alex Machuca

+1 (408) 654-0978

Helen Hudson-Butler

+44 20 7096 6067 

Service Level Targets (SLT): Initial Response


Premium Plus 

Severity Definition



30 minutes

Production down: Production system, application or business critical feature/function is down.


2 hours

Production impaired: A major feature or function is not working correctly and is blocking the full use of the 8x8 system, but basic functions and features are working.


4 hours

Minor issue: A minor issue is impacting the usability of the system, but a workaround is available and major features and functions are working correctly.

Premium Plus Triage team Hours of Operation 

Region and Hours

Support Phone

Observed Office Holidays


M-F, 6 am - 6 pm PST

Premium Plus Triage: +1 866 204 8720


New Years Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

The Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Day

M-F, 6 am - 5 pm GMT

UK: +44 207 096 6060

New Year’s Day

Easter Monday

Christmas Day

St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

May Day

Spring Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday

M-F, 9 am -6 pm SGT

ANZ: +61 180 064 8574

Direct: +61 130 008 8917

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday


Christmas Day

Boxing Day


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