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How to Create a Quality Rocket On Premise (QROP) Case with 8x8 Technical Support


Create a Quality Rocket On Premise (QROP) case with 8x8 Technical Support.

Applies To

  • Quality Rocket On Premise (QROP)
  • Support



Note: The 8x8 Support Portal is accessible to all users on 8x8 business accounts with an 8x8 username and password.

When your case is created, you will receive email notifications on the email address linked to your account. You may send and ask for case updates by replying to those emails.

Access the Portal 

  1. First you'll need to connect to and click Get Support in the upper right corner of this site. If prompted, log in with your 8x8 username and password.
  2. clipboard_eeff4e3042ca463163e01c3b1d0727448.png
  3. From the dashboard select the Cases option and you'll have the ability to Create New Case.

ESL Support portal Create New Case.PNG

Complete the Case Form 

  1. In the Create a Case form, from the Which 8x8 Product? drop-down select QROP.
  2. Select the appropriate Severity level.
  3. From the What can we help you with? drop-down, select the nature of the problem.
  4. Add a brief summary (Subject) of the issue.
  5. Add a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. See below for guidance on providing specific information for the most efficient help.
  6. To submit the form, click Create Online Case.
  7. After your case has been submitted, you will see a screen with your Case ID. Please use your Case ID in any case follow-up with 8x8 Support.
    ESL Support Portal Create New Case QROP procedure.PNG

If you are experiencing multiple issues, please create a separate case for each issue. 

When filling in the description, make sure you provide as many details as possible:

  • Agent Name
  • Agent ID
  • Extension
  • Agent Network Login
  • Inbound or Outbound calls affected
  • Originating DID
  • Destination DID
  • Date of Call
  • Time of Call
  • Duration of Call
  • Call identifier
  • Issue Description

Add Attachments to Cases

If you need to add an attachment to a case, click Choose File and attach the file to the case submission form. The file size limit is 10MB.