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8x8 Support

8x8 Global Customer Support Data Sheet

Overview: Supporting our Customers

Your success is our top priority at 8x8. We operationalize our commitment by offering a wide range of support options to all our customers, as well as enhanced options for those needing a different level of support to keep pace with their ever-changing business needs. 8x8 offers a full range of support service levels, from Standard to Premium and Premium Plus. Each option provides specific service levels and capabilities, from online case submissions to 24/7 phone support and enhanced services that help actualize your goals.

Included Features Standard Premium Premium Plus
24x7 Availability Monitoring
24x7 Online Resources
24x7 Support Portal Access
24x7 Phone Support for S1 Cases
Web Case Submission
Live Chat
Phone Case Submission Limited*
Local Business Hours Support
Premium Team
Accelerated Response
Tailored Escalation Channel**
Front-of-Line Pass
Periodic Case Review
Engagement Manager
Named Support Engineer
Standalone Support Option: User Administration is available across all Support levels.

* Up to 10 cases per year.
** Will be presented during your onboarding session.

Support Features

24/7 Availability Monitoring: Proactive platform monitoring to ensure maximum availability and performance.

24/7 Online Resources: Continuous online access to a growing database of technical solutions, product documentation, FAQs and more.

24/7 Customer Portal Access: On-demand access to the online 8x8 Support Portal to submit support requests, review case status and browse other resources like our Knowledgebase, News & Alerts, Featured Tips

and more.

24/7 Web Support for S1 Cases: Coverage by phone or online 24 hours/day, 7 days/ week for response within SLT’s.

Local Business Hours Support: During local business hours, our support engineers will contact you via the best method (including telephone) to help resolve your case.

Front-of-Line Pass: Expedited handling and priority routing for phone, web, and email cases. Faster SLT response and priority scheduling to speed resolution of your support case.

Periodic Case Review: Periodic meetings to review service metrics and key performance reports to help optimize service delivery to your business needs

Web Case Submission: Support cases may be created directly through our Customer Portal at any time, and your request will be routed to our support resources for response within SLTs.

Live Chat Support: Start a live chat session with 8x8 product experts, and we’ll answer your questions or open a support case.

Phone Case Submission: Access to 8x8 Support Engineers through support hotline for new case submissions.

Accelerated Response: Faster response for your business needs to help with quicker engagement. Please see SLT Table for details.

User Administration: Team of specialists who receive cases for all your end users and help manage your systems by performing configuration related functions.

Premium Team: Team of experts in specific product line handling frontline calls dedicated to Premium-level customers.

Named Support Engineer: A 8x8 Support Engineer and Premium Team is assigned to gain an understanding of your business needs and provide faster business outcomes. Your Named Support Engineer will be your primary point of contact for managing escalations and running your case reviews.

Engagement Manager: An 8x8 Engagement manager is your advocate in 8x8 helping you become successful with 8x8 solutions. Whether it is escalation management, prioritization of your requests or best practice discussion your Engagement manager will take care of it for you.

Service Level Targets (SLT)* 

Initial Response


Standard Support

Premium Support

Severity Definition


1 hour

30 minutes

Production down: Production system, application, or business-critical feature/function is down.


4 hours

2 hours

Production impaired: A major feature or function is not working correctly and is blocking the full use of the 8x8 system, but basic functions and features are working.


24 hours

24 hours

Minor issue: A minor issue is impacting the usability of the system, but a workaround is available and major features and functions are working correctly.

*SLT's are not Service Level Agreements. Financial penalties will not apply if targets are not achieved.

Support Contact Information & Hours

Global Contacts

The 8x8 Support Knowledge Base at provides:

  • Support Portal for case management, knowledge base search, and chat.
  • Technical resource connection via live chat.
  • Answers to questions regarding Support of Portal access.

Regional Hours of Operation, Contact Information

Region and Hours

Support Phone

Observed Office Holidays

5 am - 6 pm PST

Toll Free: +1 888 898 8733

Direct: +1 408 687 4120

New Years Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

The Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Day

8 am - 6 pm GMT

UK: + 44 2070966060

New Year’s Day

Easter Monday

Christmas Day

St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day

May Day

Spring Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday

9 am -6 pm SGT

ANZ: +61 180 064 8574

Direct: +61 1300088917

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday


Christmas Day

Boxing Day

What our customers say


“Each advisor fully explained what was happening in trying to solve my IT issue. I was kept in constant contact, I was listened to, which made me feel I mattered. Waqas and Eliot were great, very pleasant and professional.”



“Fantastic service, went through everything so that we could understand how we needed to configure the system.”



“My support rep listened to what I asked and solved my issue QUICKLY, and I wanted to give her a HUG!”



“The young lady who helped was very nice and helpful. My case was unique and she was very patient and resolved my issue.”


Talk to us about your support needs

We are here to make sure you get the right level of support for your business. You will find links to further information below. If you have any questions, please contact your 8x8 Account Manager.

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