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How to Search for Content on Support Knowledge Base
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How to Search for Content on Support Knowledge Base

To search for content on the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base, then use the auto-complete for the suggested search result. Learn more here.

Searching for Content on the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base

The 8x8 Support Knowledge Base is equipped with a powerful search engine. The search bar on the home page can locate content on the 8x8 Support Knowledge Base, within Online Product Documentation, on our 8x8 Training Academy, on the main 8x8 website (, and within 8x8's YouTube channel. To begin searching for content, type a word, phrase, or question in the search field.

Universal Site Search

Home Page Search Bar.jpg

Using the Autocompleter

As you type, suggested search results will appear in the autocompleter box below the search field. The results here are based on the query matching words within the title of the article. If you see what you are looking for in the autocompleter suggestions, you can click the desired result to be directed to that page.

Using the Full Search Results Page

If you enter your search phrase and press enter or click the magnifying glass icon, you will be directed to the full Search Results page. This page can be filtered by clicking the source headers, or by checking the boxes in the Filter By sidebar on the left. The selected source header will be highlighted.

Filtering Universal Search Results

Filtering Search.jpg

Knowledge Base

This filter tab shows only articles contained on this site ( in the regional language you are viewing from.

Web Guides

This filter tab shows pages from the online product documentation. These guides are typically accessible within the menu of application they cover. Each search result links to a single, specific page of a given guide. To see it in the full context of its product guide, click the link Open topic with navigation at the bottom of the page.


This filter tab shows topic pages from our free online product tutorials at

This filter tab shows pages from the primary company website,


This filter tab shows product introductory, how-to, and promotional videos from the 8x8 Youtube channel.

Subcategory Search

The small search bar on all subpages in the Knowledge Base is a prefiltered search. This search bar searches the area of the site where you are located. You can further narrow your search by clicking the category icons, or broaden your search by clicking back through the breadcrumb (or by going back to the site home page).

Prefiltered Subpage Search

Subcategory Prefiltered Search.jpg

Broaden or Narrow Subpage Search

Filtering Subcategory Search.jpg

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