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Page Not Found Error On Clicking Support From 8x8 Application Panel

Page Not Found error on clicking the Support icon in 8x8 Application Panel was resolved by reprogramming the Support button with a static link. Learn more here.


Clicking on the Support icon in the 8x8 Application Panel at ( results in the following error on redirection to the Knowledge Base:

Sorry, the page at https:// openid-connect/ OpenID8x8 could not be found.

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This issue was cosmetic and was corrected by reprogramming the Support button with a static link to on 6/25/18.

Users still encountering the issue should log out from (, then log back in.


In a previous iteration of the Knowledge Base, user login access was provided via the 8x8 Application Panel. In the current version of the Knowledge Base, all customer help information is public and does not require login. However, the function behind the Support button on continued to follow a now-invalid authentication path and point a login page that does not exist.

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