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Submitting a Return of Merchandise Authorization Request as an 8x8 Resale Partner


Submitting a Return of Merchandise, or RMA, as an 8x8 Resale Partner.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Resale Partners
  • RMA


An RMA involves a customer's return of merchandise (e.g., a phone or router) for reasons such as suspected malfunction, lack of necessity, or service cancellation. A full refund of equipment cost is only offered within the first 30 days of signing up for 8x8 service.

To submit an RMA request, go to the PartnerXchange portal and submit a case with the following information.

  1. Subject - ‘RMA- [customer name]’
  2. Description: 
    • Number of shipping boxes being returned
    • Number of devices being returned
    • Items shipped from more than one location
    • Cancellation Case ID
    • Ship from address(es)
    • Order ID(s)
    • Devices being returned &MAC IDs
    • 30 Day Trial?
    • Reason for return
  3. Customer Account - Search for and select your customer's account
  4. Order Number - Enter the Order Number
  5. Case Severity - 3 - Moderate Business Impact
  6. Case Type - PartnerXchange
  7. Issue Level 2 - Misc
  8. Select Submit.
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