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8x8 IT Business Readiness Kit


The world is changing and business is evolving to meet the demands of an engaged and savvy workforce, and the challenges posed by threats such as COVID-19. In these times, it's critical that businesses and employees are enabled to engage remotely.

Due to these concerns, we at 8x8 expect to see a surge in the use of our products amongst the distributed workforce. We have taken the necessary steps and created this Business Readiness Kit for you, including a team-wide messaging template, handy instructional resources, and best practice guidelines. Feel free to share this entire kit or relevant components with your team or organization.

IT Email Template (for internal communication)

Copy and paste this template to communicate with your end users via email.


Note: The example below specifically references the current COVID-19 outbreak issue, which has prompted many organizations to take up remote work responses. You can, of course, tailor it to suit your needs if they are more generic or based in a different context.

Suggested Remote Work Email Template

Subject line: Be safe. Work remotely with 8x8 cloud communications solution

Preview text: Find why you won’t miss a beat while working from home    

Body copy:

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the continued concerns surrounding COVID-19, we are taking it upon ourselves to adopt measures that protect our employees while ensuring the continued success of our business. Fortunately, IT has deployed 8x8 cloud communications to minimize any disruptions within your day-to-day workload. Here are a few resources that will enable you to have a productive home working experience with 8x8.

The 8x8 Mobile App:

The 8x8 Desktop App:


Your IT Team


P.S. For more info on how 8x8 is making remote collaboration easier than ever, watch this. <>

Training & Documentation Resources

How-to Videos

8x8 Mobile App Navigation
An introduction to the Work for Mobile interface.

8x8 Desktop App Navigation
An introduction to the Work for Desktop interface.

8x8 Meetings Navigation
Explore the 8x8 in-Meeting experience.

8x8 Standalone Meetings
Explore the handy features in the 8x8 Meet Standalone interface.

Turn an 8x8 Call into a Meeting Instantly
Learn how to use the new Promote to Meeting feature in 8x8 Work for Desktop and Mobile.

Video Meetings Activation Guides

8x8 Work (formerly 8x8 Work) Classic Customers: Video Meetings Activation Guide for IT Admin

X Series / 8x8 Work Editions CustomersVideo Meetings Activation Guide for IT Admin

Tip and Tricks

When moving your base of operations, make sure that local emergency services know where you are when you call them on your 8x8 line. Update your E911 address with these steps.

If you normally make and receive calls using your desk phone in the office and are now intending to use computer audio, ensure your Work for Desktop application has the Call Using feature set to Computer audio options. Click here for instructions.


Note: Alternatively, you can configure Call Using to make outbound calls through another device or phone number.

Sometimes call quality can be affected by your Wi-Fi network. To determine if your internet connection can support high-quality cloud communications, click here to try our network VoIP Test.

Click here for a handy one-page reference to:

  • access your voicemail
  • review messages
  • manage greetings
  • change user preferences
  • change forwarding rules

Internet coverage unreliable? Try enabling Mobile Assist, which will use cellular data (minutes) instead of mobile data (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G). Click here for instructions.

Hearing an echo during a call or meeting in Work for Mobile? Click here to enable Software Echo Cancellation.

Business Hours allow you to set a schedule of availability during specific days and hours via your Work for Mobile app. Click here to learn how.

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