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How do I access 8x8 customer training?


How do I access 8x8 customer training?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Customers
  • 8x8 University
  • Training


We offer four different training paths to accommodate various learning styles and viewer availability.

(Free) Quick Tutorial Pages: Great for tech-savvy users.

Viewers can scroll down the page to view the most common Getting Started features or instructions.

  • The left navigation bar highlights what's included. In this example, you'll find things like:
    • How to log in, forgot password instructions.
    • Call, Messaging, and Meeting features.
    • Standard settings, and more.
  • Most topics include:
    • A sentence or two with basic instructions.
    • A 2-3 minute feature video, which makes them quick to binge-watch. 
    • An interactive demo for hands-on practice.
    • And downloadable material, like our 88 Second Guides (job aids). 
  • These Quick Tutorial Pages are also great resources if you're doing UAT testing with a handful of pilot users.

(Free) Self-Paced eLearning Modules: A more in-depth self-guided training experience.

  • This solution offers a more in-depth training experience for on-demand viewers.
  • Content is free and accessible 24/7 – which is often preferred if you’re juggling Agent availability (or anytime getting all users together at once might be a challenge).
  • Users can log in to the eLearning LMS at any time.
    (using their 8x8 login credentials or by creating a preferred user/name and password).

(Paid) Online Instructor-led Training: Also known as Virtual Instructor-led or VILT.


  • Online training is our favorite training method - as it gives us the chance to meet customers live and answer questions.
  • Classes are available for both Admins and Users.
  • With a recurring open-enrollment self-registration calendar. Users simply select the date and time that works best for them.
  • This option drives faster user adoption (which means you’ll spend less time telling people to stop using old methods).
  • These are also great for Train-the-Trainer sessions – where we teach your Trainers and arm them with our Training resources – so they can customize content to make it their own and host their own internal training as needed.
  • Additionally, we can coordinate private training for just your employees – which gives you the flexibility to remove agenda topics that are unrelated to your environment. 
  • Cost-wise, it’s become more cost-effective to schedule private training when you’re training in groups of 20 or more users (or 5 or more admins).

(Paid) Onsite Days: Offer the most customization, flexibility, and the best user experience. 


  • In-person training offers a personal touch and a more memorable experience.
  • We can structure the day to include any sessions your users need, including things like:
    • End-user training
    • Floor support for go-live dates
    • Demo booths
    • Drop-In Q&A
    • And more
  • These are great for larger deployments and are most effective when planning 2-3 day engagements to reach your entire audience.
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