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How do Dataset Priorities work?
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How do Dataset Priorities work?

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ContactNow - Datasets


When fresh data is imported into ContactNow as a Dataset, the priorities are not set until you edit the dataset and add the priority which is from “0” to “90”. 

As soon as the dataset is set to Live, the dialer will dial the records according to the lowest and highest priority, for example if you have two datasets under 1 campaign, the dialer will dial the highest one first, however if during the dialing process, an Agent has scheduled a call back, this type of call will take precedence over the dataset priority that has been set. This is because all scheduled call backs have an automatic default priority set to “100”, which is not a selectable option.

Please Note: if you have a dataset priority set to “50” and the dialer is already halfway through the records and you have uploaded fresh data to set the priority as “90”, the dataset with the lowest priority, will still be dialed first. The reason for this is due to the record caching process that has stored this data to be dialed.

How do I get a specific Dataset dialling first?

The only way to get the new data to be dialed first, is to put all datasets on Hold, which pauses the data and then set all datasets back to Live, which should clear the existing cache and dial the dataset that has the highest priority.

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